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82 months ago

Newbie - Start up Guide - Basic

by Chetan Chauhan (BangaloreChallengers) 83 months ago Newbie

Start-up Guide for Newbies

Hello Everyone!

All the newbies, first phase is complete the tutorial – the most basic guide, for an average user

In HW, unlike in real life, the training is not multi-dimensional. In the HW world, the training is weekly.

You would wonder, what training I should start with (remember, you need to give continuous training for a particular skill for almost 4-5 seasons (or atleast till your trainees are 23 years)? You start wondering now, how should I choose which training to select.

Start selling slowly and build your next set of trainees, thereby increasing your finance and strengthening your team.

But mainly upgrade all training facilities.

During your tutorial, see what type of scout you are get and start training the same (Below 18 years).




Advisable is buy musketeer pack atleast till you get you required set of trainees (This would enable to you select the type of scout you want going forward)

For Eg: If you are a bowling trainee, sell old bowlers (you can select a good bowler from the auction during tutorial) and vice versa for batting trainers

Sell some players, who are too old to be trained and can get you some money, hence increasing finances and enabling you to buy scouts.




Also stadium size matters to increase your finances – but do it cautiously. (Avoid overdoing it).

Empty stadium means less revenue, more cost on maintenance hence again reiterating, do not overdo the stadium size. Based on your team’s performance you will gain fans, which will result in increased attendance and result in increased revenue



Pitch Type

Once your training is in place, change the pitch type accordingly. Do this in the season break.

The default type of pitch is Sporting wicket (Advisable for Bowling Variation trainers or once you reach the higher divisions, and the calibre of your player would be high in all skills..then use this, else preferably use one of the three below depending on your training)

For Spin Bowling Trainers (Crumbling Wicket)



For Seam/ Fast bowling trainers (Green Wicket)








For Batting Trainers (Flat Wicket)


Apart from all this, do not ignore to give fitness training (Preferably during season break for atleast 2 weeks every season)

Because fitness is very important factor for your team’s performance.


Other piece of advice is be up to date with the mobile app!




Also join the official Hitwicket page on Facebook (

Here you can post your questions to get clarifications from all the seniors in the game. We have made good buddies in this game, hope you too find some good mentors and good friends in this beautiful world of Hitwicket.

Happy Hitwicketing !!!!!!!!!




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83 months ago
You are welcome MUsujan
83 months ago
good and relevant info
83 months ago
Ty bro
82 months ago
My achievement isn't refreshing for last two games for example my powerplay run score was 465 two matches a go and is still 465 like that my all achievements isn't refreshing can anyone help me
82 months ago
Vijay Sindhal - Please write to the Devs on That should help... and if your games are against teams which are less than 30 days old, they wont count for achievement.

82 months ago
82 months ago

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