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Batting Training Strategies - Newbies !

by Deep_Parikh (Born Fighters) 59 months ago
I joined this game back in May, 2013 (i.e. Season 5) & I was a Proud Batting Trainer ! I've always been Satisfied with my Batsmen - whom i just sold before 2 Weeks as I wanted to Restart the Training after 2 Seasons  .......Though I am not Experienced Enough like many Legendary Batting Trainers out there having Top Class Batsmen, I have understood the Game quite well now. It definitely takes few days to understand such a mind-blowing Strategic Game. Many people are misjudged in Training - which is the most important aspect in HitWicket, so I would like to share you my Experience of Batting Training. I hope many of you can be benefited from this ....

The First Question that arises in a Newbie's Mind is that how shall he start the Batting Training ! 

To Start with, First of All - You'll get a Very Nice Scout & train your Players depending on your Scout ! Suppose, your first Scout is a Young Spinner then Buy some 19-20 Years Accomplished/Useless type Spinners at Cheap Rate & train them for a Whole Season & then sell them at Decent Price, I am sure you would make atleast 30m Profit !

What Next ? 
--> Go & Buy Some Young Gems from Transfer Window !

What should be the Age of Trainees ?
--> Try to get minimum 3 Trainees below 17.30 Yrs of Age.
--> If you have financial crisis, then only go for trainees with age of 17.30-18.00
--> Try that the difference between your Trainees'age dont exceed more than 20-30 Days as it'll help you to take part in U20s !

What should be the Skills of the Trainees ?
--> Try to get 3 of the Trainees as Reliable/Reliable or Maybe Accomplished/Rel or even Accomplished/Average Types.....
--> You can buy other 3 Trainees as Average/Reliable,  Reliable/Average or even Average/Average !
--> You need to be smart in Buying the Gem Trainees as they are the Future of your Hitwicketing Career.

What is the Time Taken for Pops ?
Reliable-Accomplished : 4 Weeks
Accomplished- Remarkable-Brilliant : 5-6 Weeks
Brilliant-Exemplary-Prodigious : 6-7 Weeks
Prodigious-Fantastic-Magnificent : 7-9 Weeks
Magnificent-Masterful : 9-10 Weeks
Masterful-Supreme-Magical : 10-12 Weeks

I hope you guys have cleared some doubts from above Answers, I would like to share some other Important Tips  too :-
#1 : Try to get Lefty-Righty Trainees i.e 3 Left Handed Trainees & 3 Right Handed ones & open the Batting as Right-Left Combo too.
#2 :  Choose Batting Seam or Batting Spin only if you have understood the Game, don't just keep on training in one of these categories for seasons. So, without any doubt, select only Batting Training.
#3 : Try to play minimum 2 U20-Cups to gain Experience for your Trainees & don't spend too much money on Bowlers in that U20.
#4 : Don't let your Batsmen go below Decent Fitness or it will start affecting his Batting.
#5 : Never compare Batting Stars with Bowling Stars or you will feel to shift to Bowling Training.
#6 : If you are planning on long term process in this game, get any 2 of your Batsmen till minimum Maasterful/Masterful Batting Skills.
#7 : Don't drop any of your Trainees just because of Form, remember form is temporary, but class in Permanent !
#8 : Most Important - Have Patience & Never Try to Give Up once you start the Batting Training !

I've been following the Game from more than 2 Years & have learnt Batting Training from some Great Batting Trainers ! 

Signing Off,
Deep Parikh !


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Updated at: 22-04-2016

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I have got a player
Age 17years 58days
Fielding accomplished
B/seam average
B/spin accomplished
Skill index 11945
Fitness superb
How many days it will take him to become b/seam exemplary
B/spin exemplary
59 months ago
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