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The Struggles of a Fined Transfer Cheater ▬ Ep.1

by Frosty (One Supernova) 46 months ago Fun
After seeing so many people on whatsapp, facebook, and even on the forums being caught for their transfer cheats, I noticed a very alarming, hilarious, and constant pattern for them. So I decided to make a meme series which adds a bit of humor to the weekly struggle of a transfer cheater.......

Enjoy ;-)

Stage 1: "Oh no my 22yo trainee of acc/use didn't sell for 10mil Rs"
Then he sits in deep thought, wondering about his options......

Stage 2: "I can't win my league or nothing, there's no it's time to improve my team to win bet matches"

Oh, but sir, how did you make that money???
Oh I know, that cheeky bugger ;-)

Stage 3: After doubling his Total Skill Index (TSI) with his extra money, he won some matches in his league, challenged newbies to 2 credit bet matches and also doubled his free credits that way...

Then his ego starts to grow and he is bragging about his awesome team...

Stage 4: And then I'm like.......

Stage 5: A quick investigation of their transfer history....

Stage 6: Then the cheater goes into a mad panic, sending countless pings to the devs, trying to cover his tracks. He might even report the guy who did it, even if the transfer is underpriced sale :D

Stage 7: Then he gets 20 messages that all read like this (100mil Rs fines total)

And we're all like.......

Stage 8: After typing a 10,000 word hate mail to devs (with no paragraphs), he starts begging his friends to support him, and telling them all sorts of things, like...

Then he posts similar things on the hitwicket forum, facebook group, whatsapp, and eventually he starts spamming his friends again, until they're all like.....

and then.....

Stage 9: After everyone became tired of him crying to them, he had a new idea.....

Stage 10: ....... Two days later

And then everybody is like.............

And then they restart this whole process again until they're deactivated in hitwicket :D

That's the end of episode 1 of the Meme Series.......hope it brought some laughter in the face of these little cheating scum who always beat us in matches and auction and also in alliance matches :-)


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While my hairstyle may be terrible, it's not purple and pink 
unlike the bruises of people who got beaten by reported transfers 

46 months ago
Marcus Demantes (Jantak 11) New South Wales # 22
Im saying bout the hairstyle which bout u posted in
HW times
46 months ago
Marcus Demantes (Jantak 11) New South Wales # 23
I knew it
46 months ago
LoL yes it was a lot less funky than that one :D
46 months ago
Marcus Demantes (Jantak 11) New South Wales # 25
46 months ago
Very relate-able.. :p
46 months ago
Excellent frosty... smiled all the way.. ☺
46 months ago
Div VI
Sujan (BANGALORE LIONS) Bangalore # 28
That was a good one ;)
46 months ago
Haha funny
46 months ago
Thanks everyone. I hope you will all join me in sending this link to anyone who is at some point in their transfer cheating cycle ;-) 

46 months ago
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