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The bhokal league(The league of Hitwicket heros )

by Rahul Singh John 88 months ago
For those who are not in this league Do not comment.

The teams are in this league requested to make sure that they have  commented once,Thanks rahul


Here we are friends with our groups for    Bhokal league 

           1)Sahil Kapoor (US XI) 
           2)Manjeet12 (kings11UP) 
           3)kNIGHT11(rohit kumar)

    Group B
           2)Abhishekcool (Caribbeans)
           3)Varun Sikka (The Dexters)

          2)Siva Harish (siva1111)
          4)Nirmalya Koley (THE SRS)

           2)suresh25 (Power11) 
          4)worldcup winner 


            sahil kapoor                vs         mandy11         (sahil will challenge to mandy11)

            Manjeet12                     vs         knight11           (manjeet will challenge to knight 11)

            Abhishek cool               vs         Varun sikka       (abhishek challenge to varun sikka)

            Jaipur Royals              vs        subhrajit kalsai (jaipur royals will challenge to subhrajit)

           Siva harish                 vs         harshit parikh     (Harshit parika challenge to siva harish)

          deep parikh                 vs          nirmalya kolay(deep parikh challenge to nirmalya kolay)


             sahil kapoor                vs          knight11     (sahil will challenge to knight11)


            Manjeet12                     vs            mandy11      (manjeet will challenge to mandy 11)


             Abhishek cool               vs         subhrajit kalsai    (subhajit kalsai challenge to                           abhishekcool)


             Jaipur Royals              vs        varun sikka  (jaipur royals will challenge to varun sikka )


Siva harish                 vs          nirmalya kolay     (Siva harish will challenge to nirmalya kolay)

            deep parikh                 vs          harshit parikh(deep parikh challenge to harshit parikh)



*next round matchs will be posted later please follow the above matchs format.

                     make sure you are challenging according to the above matchs.(if a manager wil not challenge to another manager as discribed above than other manager get walk-over and will get 4 points same for if a manager will not accept request than he will get 0 points and the manager who sends the request  will get 4 points )


1.Teams that doesn't accept requests for the league on the given schedule will be considered lost in that particular match and same for team does't send request according to above schedule will get a 0 for that match.

2.Winning a match gains +4 points and loosing doesn't gain any.

3.Draw match will be given 2 point to both the teams.

4.Bonus points will be rewarded but not added to points table, they are just to differentiate places of teams with equal points.

5. Rules for Bonus Points: +1 point for scoring 200 and above.
                                          +1 point for all out.
                                           +1 point if a team won by 8 wickets and above.
                                           +1 point if a team won by 80 runs or more.
                                           +1 point for each players hundred.
                                           +1 point for 5 or more wickets for a bowler in a                                                   
                                           +1 point for hattrick
6.Points table will be updated here in the comments every Wednesday and they are non-conflict-able.

For any queries contact me(rahul singh john) and Majeet12(kings11up).

The above schedule is final no changes at all after today. Best of luck to all the teams. 


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Vishnu M M Kavalam Roorkee # 244
im in there any opponent for me in the finalz...????
87 months ago
Balram Kanpur # 245
Wait we will tell you 
87 months ago
NewbieSUPPORTER Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 246
hey Vishnu M M Kavalam if u dont get any oponent for the final can u then play with me
87 months ago
Balram Kanpur # 247
WTF!! is this Manjeet (kings11UP)   who are you scheduling like this,who are you to declare a winner without finals, don't be smart.

Vishnu M M Kavalam  UsXI have first challenged to power XI and he declined his challenged his challenge and re challenged to USXI in his ground. 

it's difficult because both want to play on his ground,one has green wicket and other has crumbling wicket ,so they both want to play  at there HOME ground for more advantage.

Now i don't have way to select the finalist from these team,i will select one of them depends on luck.

I have been thinking from yesterday to how to select one of you,and i have reached on one decision.
Please support this decision because i don't have other choice.

Here are some questions which you have to answer to  reach in finals.The one who give more right answers will go to finals directly.

IT"S YOUR LUCK TEST SO DO NOT BLAME ME .It's a IPL quiz.You both are cricket lovers so 

Q1) Who will win the toss in RR vs MI match
a) RR                     b) MI

Q2) Who will win the RR vs MI match
a) RR                      b)MI

Q3) Man of match will be selected from which team 
a) RR                      b)MI

Let's suppose team X from RR vs MI match will go to finals then 

Q4) who will won the toss in CSK vs X match 
a)CSK                     b) X

Q5) who will won the IPL 2013
a) CSk                     b) X

Q6) man of the match from which team 
a) CSK                     b) X

Q7) Purple cap team will be 
a) CSK                     b) MI                          c)RR

your time start Now and if you both give the same answer then the team which i decide by toss a coin myself  adn will tell you the name of the team which going to finals. I don't have choice to select one team so i have give this Quiz to you,try your luck.

The deadline of answer submission is 24/5/2013 8Pm before the match get started. 
87 months ago
suresh25 # 248
Rahul Singh John (The riders)::
that was not intentional from me....on that day i was attending a function, so i told my brother to check hitwicket...i told him that not accept any invitation.(wat i mean is that i want to play the league semi-final,so nt accept other invitation)....but he without noticing the team name declined the invitation of Sahil Kapoor (US XI)....when i come back i invited Sahil Kapoor (US XI).....but he declined my request also...

im willing to play the match on next weak on any nt interested in playing the quiz suggested by you.....if your decision is to go ahead with quiz,then u can declare Sahil Kapoor (US XI) as winner of the semi-final and he can go to the finalzzz.....
87 months ago
NewbieSUPPORTER Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 249
nice idea rahul u come up with an inovative idea to decide winner.. m agree with u and that is really nice one
87 months ago
Sahil Kapoor Calcutta, India # 250
if quiz is the solution then it should have been a quiz show...........not a cricket tournament...........I challenged ur choice
87 months ago
Balram Kanpur # 251
Guyz do not make it difficult to me,I just started this league as so we all can have fun and learn from others.
I can not randomly say that who will go to the finals.
And you both have different pitches and very good at home pitch
Now i have 2 choices tha
1) i can toss  a coin and select a team which  go to the finals.
2)Lets take this league little longer, What i mean is Warriors will play again with Dantos(one more match at Dantos's home ground) and i will toss a coin and chose the playing ground at which Us XI and power XI can play and winner will make his way to finals

and i the the dantos vs warriors match net run rate of both match(this coming week and last week ) will decide the winner.
Please reply what you want option 1 or 2
87 months ago
Sahil Kapoor Calcutta, India # 252
87 months ago
NewbieSUPPORTER Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 253
2nd one is better and reduces the chances of bed luck.
87 months ago
Vishnu M M Kavalam Roorkee # 254
sorry already in finalzzz...why should i play a second semi-final....????

so i agree choice 1 and half part of choice choice 2, u can go with tossing up for selection of ground....
87 months ago
Rahul Singh John Jaipur # 256
Ok Vishnu you are in finals because dantos is already playing with some other team.

Now sahil is agree with ption 2 but suresh have not replyed yet , i am waiting for his responce
87 months ago
suresh25 # 257

i already told that im ready for a match on next wednesday...u can decide the ground.
87 months ago
Rahul Singh John Jaipur # 258
Toss is depands on RR vs MI match if RR win the toss than suresh and if MI win the toss then US Xi !!!! ok !!! it's final decision 
87 months ago
I am ready for second leg
87 months ago
NewbieSUPPORTER Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 260
Guys hurry up for the 1st one tell me who want to buy 2nd one and what price
87 months ago
Rahul Singh John Jaipur # 261
So it's RR who won the toss so Power 11 have won the toss as i said before the match so power 11 will challenge to US XI. 

And dantos you already have challenged someone for a match so worriors are in finals.

worriors sorry for delay but next power 11 will play US XI ,so next week is free for you that means you are free to play with any team .and the winner of US XI and power 11 will play with you next to next wednesday.
87 months ago
NewbieSUPPORTER Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 262
87 months ago
suresh25 # 263
Today second semi-final of the league...
87 months ago
suresh25 # 264
who is the winner of the league..?????
86 months ago
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