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{reg closed} champions trophy season 1

by Ritwik_Shah (Indian Stunnerz) 59 months ago

Welcome to all, This is a clan based TROPHY organised by the FPSG of Hitwicket and Ritwik Shah and AFRAZ Jaushaky

1.      This is a Wednesday free challenge match tournament.

2.       You have to play with registered players only.

3. There would be 6 clans in which there will be 3 teams.

4. There would be the TSI limit to be a part in the tourney.

5. The TSI limit is:-
Level 1- Above 450k
Level 2- 250k to 450k
Level 3- Below 250k

6. WhatsApp is Mandatory.

7. This would be a 7 week tourney so plan accordingly.

8.       Once the tournament starts you will be allowed to replace players that are to add a new player you will have to remove one from the 12 registered players. But, the TSI (Total Skill Index) of the team shouldn’t cross the maximum of the level the team is in.

9.       There will be 6 leaders chosen from all the registered teams from any level.

10.   The rest of the teams of all levels will put into auction on whatsapp where these 6 leaders will select their fellow team mates of the levels other than what they are in.

11.   More rules on auction will be shared with the chosen leaders.

12.   No LOANEE is allowed in this tournament.

13.   The team playing in the home ground is responsible to send a match request to their opponent.

14.   All requests should be sent and accepted by Sunday. If any team doesn’t accept by Monday morning their opponent will be given a bye.

15.   The tournament is a Wednesday tournament match, so if your opponent or you have booked a match already with someone else. Then it is his or your responsibility to either challenge the opponent with a no-bet credit match.

16.   If you play with a loanee, or if you don’t play with your opponent or if you break any other rule your opponent will be given a bye.

17.   During any kind of a dispute, management decision is final and no arguments or foul language is entertained.

Rule for player replacement

You can replace as many players as you want till the end of the season but only with intimation and at a time max 5 players. Player once removed will not be added again. After replacing with new players the TSI of your team shouldn't cross the TSI of the level you are playing in.

This is how we consider replacements through out the tournament


You have a player

XYZ with 750000 SI during registration and after a few weeks into the tournament his then present SI us 850000 and you are replacing him with another player we will compare the SI of the new player with 750000 and not with 850000


More than 30 credits to be gifted.

Sponsored and Organised by FPSG nd Ritwik Shah and AFRAZ

For registration First register in Form(below link given ) and then comment" I have registered add me"

Teams Selected for Level 1 are
1. Anantha XI
2. Street Gunz
3. All Tiger
4. Tatai XI
5. Unstoppable 11

Teams Selected for Level 2 are
1.Ravindra Beasts
2. Vijaywada Knights
3. Burners of EMC
4. Bharat Blasters
5. David's Eleven

Teams Selected for Level 3 are
1. Sbp sixers
2. NipunRajvanshi XI
3. Praveen Kumar 11
4. Rupesh Shing08X1
5.Rampalli 11

Winning Clan gets 20 Credits
Level 1: 7 credits
Level 2: 6 credits
Level 3: 6 credits

Runner Up Clan gets 10 Credits
Level 1: 4 credits
Level 2: 3 credits
Level 3: 3 credits

2nd Runner Up Clan gets 3 Credits
Level 1: 1 credits
Level 2: 1 credits
Level 3: 1 credits

Signing of
Ritwik Shah


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59 months ago
Mewara u have applied for Level 1?
59 months ago
59 months ago
Hey friends join this
59 months ago
Ritz plz announce fixtures here in blog ..
59 months ago
SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) Tamil Nadu # 106
Filled..add me
59 months ago
Am I added or not I don't see my team
59 months ago
Rampalli 11 vs ali strikers
59 months ago
59 months ago
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