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Aman Ki Asha - An Indo-Pak Independence Day Special Tourney - Round 1 On

by MurtazaAlvi (Dhonis Pirate MOJO) 66 months ago

Hey all the HW users from across the globe. The twin sister nations India and Pakistan celebrate their 69th Independence Day on this 14th-15th August. On these days one of the biggest histories of all time was written and we all have been enjoying this freedom from past 68 years. On this occasion of freedom, we are here with a tournament that aims to unite these two glorious nationsAman Ki Asha”.

We hope this tournament can form a bridge of peace between Indo-Pak. Participants from both countries are invited to participate here for the noble cause..Sorry To Our Friends From The Other Nations-this one is a lil exclusive ;)



  1. Round 1 (14.8.2015) will have a topic given by us the organisers. We will provide a google form link for the same. You have to fill that google form with your essay on the given topic (About 200 Words) and all the details about you. There is no registration limit.There will be 4 judges here - 1 from India, 1 from Pakistan , 3rd from Devs Panel.and 1 Secret Judge who'll come into play in case of confusion or tie between 2 Contestants :D

  1. We shall shortlist a certain number of teams from Pakistan and a certain number of teams from India depending upon the total registrations. (Say 12 + 24 for example)

  1. These shortlisted teams will have a Group Discussion in the Round 2 (15.8.2015) which could be based on various fields like Politics, History, Geography, Sports etc of both the countries.

  1. 8 teams from each of Pakistan and India will be shortlisted for the ROund 3.

  1. In Round 3 (16.8.2015) , Pairs will be created comprising of 1 Team from India and 1 from Pakistan. These 8 Pairs will go through a KnockOut Matches against each other. These matches will have Custom Pitch with All +15%. Loan players allowed if the gap between the two teams is high (Decision in the hands of Organisers).

  1. The Winners of the Finals get 14 Credits each, while the Runners up get 7 Credits each.

  1. But, now the Runners Up can challenge the Winners for “REVENGE MATCH”. If Winners accept the challenge then,

  1. If Winners win again, their prize gets doubled. Means they get 28 Credits Whereas the Runners Up stay with their 7 Credits.

  2. If Winners lose then their prize is halved. Means they get only 7 Credits. While, the Runners Up get 21 Credits.

8.   Whereas the Third place Pair gets 3 Credits each. And even they have a shot against the Winners or even Runners Up to win their Credits.

9 .  Apart from the Final Round Winners, 1st 2nd & 3rd each from India - Pakistan from each Round 1 & 2 get Prizes of Credits 7, 5 and 3 each.



For Helping In Formulating the ideas of the tourney and other things ;) 




This Tourney Wouldnt Be Possible without Our Dear Sponsors,the list of which is too long but they Surely Deserve A Special Mention :D

 Iord Chaudhary 
Arpan Jaiswal
Suddho Banerjee 
Malik Ali 

Harsh Saxena 
Murtaza Haider Alvi 
Rahul Mohapatra 
Sheikh QaMar Shahzad 
Bharat Pungalia  
Shrey Sanghvi  
Mani Kumar 
Anonymous Sponsor(s) 
Sree Surya Mouli Paleti 
Chetan Chauhan 
Sachin Mohanty  
Neeraj Dangi 
Siladitya Sen  
Hassan  Chaudhary -  mile emoticon
List Might Increase If we get more Sponsors smile emoticon

Anyone Still Interested In Sponsoring Is More Than Welcome :) 

Afterall This Not Just A Tourney,This Is More Than Just A Tourney :)  

Team A- Paleti Sree Surya Mouli(IND) & MA_ghumman(sailkot stallions) (PAK)
Team B- Parth_Parikh -King of Kingz (IND) Sameer Mujeeb (Fatal Eagles) (PAK)
Team C- Utkarsh Rampal North End Tigers(IND) & Raghul Rocky - The Werewolf (IND)
Team D- Tleostoy - Heroes Of Hell (IND) & Dame EasyTarget (MaximumFighters) (PAK)
Team E- Ashutosh Agarwal - UP Stunners (IND) & Atta Rehman (Pak Worriors XI CC) (PAK)
Team F- Chaitanya Paruchuri - The Masters XI (IND) & Ålì Mûjtãbä (Rising 11) (PAK)
Team G- lord suren stunner guys (IND) & Mohammed Usamah shah ( resilient xi) (PAK)
Team H- Hafiz The Black Flags (IND)) &  hashim452 (PakistanXII) (PAK)


Team A vs Team H
Team B vs Team F
Team C vs Team G
Team D vs Team E

All Matches Will Be 1 Credit Bet Matches 
-Pitch Will Be +15 Boost For All 

- Winning A Match Gives You 2 Points 

You can Get Bonus Point If : 

A.You Win The Match By 50 Runs Or More 

B.You Win The Match By 6 Wickets Or More 

C.You Chase The Target Inside 10 Overs

All Matches Are Knockout Ones! 

The one from India from a Pair plays the one from Pakistan from the Other pair and Vice Versa...
for eg:- me(ind) n alvi(Pakistan) are in one group. And priyansh(ind) n lord choudhary(pak) in other group. Now I (ind) will face lord chodhary(pak) of another group while alvi(pak) of my group will face priyansh (ind) of other group
If Points are equal after the completion of both matches ..NRR will come into play... 

Rest rules are in main post u can go through them once ...Try To Finish Your Matches Before 6 PM Today Of The First KO Round :)


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Updated at: 19-08-2015

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VVishalBala (WeBelieveintheProcess) pondicherry # 70
Guys do not worry. This is an easy tourney ;) Grammar doesn't matter. Your content alone matters :)
66 months ago
Excellent tourney..hatsoff to the organisers and Congo winners...
66 months ago
Parth thanks for those 2 credits! Have u received your prize? 
66 months ago
Give me my congo back :v

Im Wishing u congo2 :p

and congratssssssssssssssssssss to 1st place :D
66 months ago

I received 14 credits gift as winner, great tourney guys , congratulations 

66 months ago
Lord Chaudhary (Dot Ota) .Ota # 723
Prize distributed to 
Parkh Parth 28
Usman Shah 15
Umme 14
Tleo 16
Sameer 12 
Rest Lord Murtaza Alvi will distribute. 
66 months ago
Thanks a bunch :) Well glad to be a part of the tournament. Can't express my gratitude...
66 months ago
Winners Ab Sb 1-1 Credit mjhy Transfer kro ;p ...... JK
66 months ago
Got 5 Credits From Murtaza Alvi As Prize :) Thankssssssss

Atleast We Made Some good frnds and met some new faces :)
66 months ago
Got 38 credits in all from this tourney :D

Loved it! Hoping to see you all in my tournament which will start within next 10 days ;)

Lots of prizes to be won there too!
66 months ago
ohhh!!Matlb 10 Din baad announce kroge sb kuch ? :p
66 months ago
Great Tournament
Not Because We Won It
Because Of The Main Reason Behind This
Thanks For Everything
#Lets_Spread_Love :)
66 months ago
15 credits. Now that's some prize. Thanks to Lord Chaudry.

And I wanted to gift some of those to a friend. But I couldn't....quite figure out how to
66 months ago
Any gifts for those who reached round 3 and those who were in top 3 for round 1 and 2 :p
66 months ago
Thanks a lot MurtazaAlvi 
66 months ago
@MuhammadUsama Transfer will work...
66 months ago

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