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Registration Open!{Coaching Center}-Night Hawks-{World Series}

by CricForce (U20 Batsmen Factory) 60 months ago
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Displaying Night Hawks.jpg

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This is the Coaching Center for the Night Hawks.

Here you can:
  • Practice the Games
  • Learn Quick Tips and Tactics
  • Know When the Games Occur
  • Show Your Pride to the Night Hawks
  • Learn Strategies to Win
  • Get a Weekly Rank! Ranks based on whoever gets most points for Night Hawks.

The requirements are:
  • You MUST be a member/fan of the Night Hawks.
  • You MUST be active.
  • You MUST not be a fan for any other team.
  • You MUST subscribe to this page for updates.
  • You MUST have registered.

The registrations begin NOW.
You can register as a coach or a student.
The charge is free.
The coaching takes place when coaches desire.
To register, say this: Team Name, Team Link, Go Night Hawks!


Sir Arpit {Owner & Manager}

Param Saini {Captain}

Inderjeet Singh {Coach & Designer}

Vishal Kansal {Vice Captain}

Lightning311 {Fan Team Manager & Designer}

Rishabh Agarwal
{Fan Team Captain}



Rohit Raju


The Masters XI

BA Vimal

11 Bengal Tigers

Night Hawks official post.

Hope you learn some new things. 

Go Night Hawks!

Game #1- Spot The Ball{August 11, 8 P.M. Hitwicket Time}-

  • Example Mystery

Example Answer


  • Look at the shot played- In this case, the shot played is either a hook shot or a pull shot. The option can't be 2 if it is one of theses shots. The batsman wouldn't miss the ball that badly!
  • Look at the height of the bat- The bat is at chest height. The only answers possible are 1 and 5.
  •  Look at the face- Sometimes, the face gives the position of the ball away. Usually, in a cricket match, it takes lees time for the batsman to see the position of the ball if it is on the offside/front side of him. In this case, he is still not looking even though he finished playing the shot. This tells us that the ball should be behind him. The only answer for this is 1.

Disclaimer: These tips always don't work. Tips are used accordingly to the situation.

Practice For Game #1

Post your answer in this post. Remember to use the strategies below. Good Luck! If you can't see the practice image, request access via this link.
Displaying Practice 1 Edited.jpg


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Updated at: 12-08-2015

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Practice/Training for the first game is updated!
60 months ago
Chaitanya Paruchuri Hyderabad # 22
Where is the question?
60 months ago
look at practice for game one. You have to find out under which circle, the actual ball is.
60 months ago
Chaitanya Paruchuri Hyderabad # 24
There's no image under practice!
60 months ago
yes there is can't you see it? Ok send request for access via this link. Will be easier.
60 months ago
If you can't see the practice image, request access via this link.
60 months ago
Chaitanya Paruchuri Hyderabad # 27
I requested access.
60 months ago
Chaitanya Paruchuri Hyderabad # 28
The answer is 1 I guess?!
60 months ago
Vemal k Coimbatore # 29
Awesome Game
60 months ago
Vemal k Coimbatore # 30
We need more from you ( admin)
60 months ago
TIGERroy Kolkata # 31
11 bengal tigers Go night hawks... I want as a student
60 months ago
1. BIG WICKET - Submit your predictions by wednesday 
2. POWER PLAY -  Guess runs in power of listed match  by wednesday
3. HITWICKET STAR - post your best batman in FB page or nights hawks HW page 
( DO NOT POST IN WS THREAD you can post on FB page or HW Night Hawks Page)
TUESDAY FUN GAME - Guess the ball -be online on HW forum as mentioned in main WS forum
60 months ago
Everyone has been added!
60 months ago
add me 
60 months ago
Are you part of the Night Hawks?
60 months ago
Join This
60 months ago
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60 months ago: CricForce (U20 Batsmen Factory) closed the forum post.
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