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Win crdts Grab it out remastered

by SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) 60 months ago

Simple tourny
Play a nobet match wid me
Beat me
if u win against me i will gift u 3crdt
1)Tsi should nt exceed-680k
2)No loane
3)U cant play any player above 200k si
4)Pitch will be of urs choice.
5)Only d first one to beat me gets d prize.
To participate send me a no bet req.nd after sending cment here sended.


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Updated at: 11-08-2015

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SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) Tamil Nadu # 21
Siddartha nt wid u again
60 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 22
60 months ago
Anyone for a bet match? 
60 months ago
send me a request
60 months ago
can you play with me right now

60 months ago
play with me
60 months ago
SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) Tamil Nadu # 27
Harsh u didnt see d should be a no bet match
60 months ago
60 months ago
60 months ago
35/0 3.0ov
17:10, Mon 10 Aug, 2015 at Hunters Club
60 months ago
hello Sir WolfLegend (sushant super kings) 

my gift 3 Credit.......
60 months ago
SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) Tamil Nadu # 32
Will get u by 9
60 months ago
ok thanks
60 months ago
Good match 
60 months ago
shall i send you?
60 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 36\
you guys could play here if you wish :D 
60 months ago
come on mr.siddartha,you do have a very strong team
60 months ago
Innkeeper Nagpur # 38
Just comment your XI there and link of loan, if any :) 
let's not spam my friend's post here more
60 months ago
Gift not recd. U said 9 pm now 12 am pm comes
60 months ago
SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) Tamil Nadu # 40
Prize given. Thanks to all. Post closed
60 months ago
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60 months ago: SP Apu (Cypriot Boys) closed the forum post.
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