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by Raghuteja Dhara (Rebel's XII) 88 months ago


Teams participating:

                                     Div A                                              

                                       1-a.Krishna Chaitanya(chaitus XI)                                  

2-a.Gopikrishna Bezawada(crux riders)

3-a.Varun Chilukuri(Stark Fire Brigaders)

4-a.Varigonda Panvith(gilli X1)

    Div B

1-b.Raghuteja Dhara(Rebel's XII)

2-b.Bada Rohit(Bada Blasters)

3-b.TheMJK(Real Warriors)

4-b.Dheeraj Sharma(BASHERS XI)


01-05-13    1-a Vs 4-a                              2-a Vs 3-a
                       4-b Vs 3-b                              1-b Vs 2-b

08-05-13    4-a Vs 2-a                              1-a Vs 3-a
                       2-b Vs 3-b                              1-b Vs 4-b

15-05-13    4-a Vs 3-a                              1-a Vs 2-a
                       4-b Vs 2-b                              1-b Vs 3-b


22-05-13    1st in Div-A Vs 1st in Div-B ----> Q1
                   2nd in Div-A Vs 2nd in Div-B ----> E1

29-05-13    winner in E1 Vs looser in Q1 ----->Q2 


05-06-13    winner in Q1 Vs winner in Q2


1.Teams that doesn't accept requests for the league on the given schedule will be considered lost in that particular match.
2.Winning a match gains +4 points and loosing doesn't gain any.
3.Draw match will be given 2 point to both the teams.
4.Bonus points will be rewarded but not added to points table, they are just to differentiate places of teams with equal points.
5. Rules for Bonus Points: +1 point for scoring 200 and above.
                                          +1 point for bowled out.
                                           +1 point if a team won by 8 wickets and above.
                                           +1 point if a team won by 100 runs or more.
6.Points table will be updated here in the comments every Wednesday and they are non-conflict-able.

Sincere Note: 
Guys this post is not for getting likes or some shit so don't blame anyone here.

                         All The Best for all the Teams participating!!!



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@Varun, Can u give me a req 
86 months ago
86 months ago
Oh.. Sure...
86 months ago
Ravikiran Vogali Bangalore # 365
congrats ra@varun

86 months ago
Ravikiran Vogali Bangalore # 366
next league start chesa tapudu chepandi ra naku 

86 months ago
Ravikiran Vogali Bangalore # 367
esari league ki entha mandi unaru ra

86 months ago
86 months ago
Ravikiran Vogali Bangalore # 369
knock out ah ra 

86 months ago
86 months ago
Finally the winner is who we taught congratssssssssss varun...... Our first sucessfull league sucessfull winner.......
86 months ago
Varun Teja (Stark Fire Brigaders) 

u won buddy!
so where is the party??

86 months ago
Thanx @Ravi, @Panvith, @Archit
86 months ago

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