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Ohhhh thanks bro :D
49 months ago

[FUN] Bollywood Meets Hitwicket ;-)

by Puma0_o 49 months ago Fun

-->When Mogambo got a double Pop-up

"Mogambo khush hua!! :-))"

--->When Gabbar's Best Batter scored 5 ducks in a row.

" Yeh Haath Mujhe Dede Thakur "

--->When Sanju Baba Being a Magnificent Manager deafeatead an acco manager in 20k bounty match and posted

" Nayak Nahi Khalnayak hu mai "

---> LION After Winning Premier

" Sarra Sheher Mujhe Lion ke Naam Se jaanta hai "

---> Big B after winning u20

" Rishte me to hum tumhare baap lagte h naam h SHAHENSHA "

---> When SRK played 2credits Bet match in Blitz mode against P.MODI

"70 minutes. you have 70 minutes

Probably the most important 70 minutes of your life

Today, whether you play well or not

You will remember these 70 minutes for the rest of your life

So I will not tell you how to play today,

All I will say is go out there and play these 70 minutes to their fullest

Because after this moment, whatever happens in life

Whether its good or not,

Whatever the end result is, whether you win or lose

No one can take these 70 minutes away from you, no one!

So, I have decided,

I will not tell you how to play today, YOU will tell me, by playing.

Because I know that in these 70 minutes, if every player in this team plays the best Cricket of your life

Then even God cannot take these 70 minutes away from you

So go! Go and from yourselves, from this life, from your God, and from every person who didn’t have faith in you

Go snatch your 70 minutes. "

---> Rancho in death overs of WC Final

" All iz well.. All iz well... All iz well "

---> Chulbul Pandey entered lleague after completing Freshers and posted in league talk

" Swagat Nahi Karoge humara "

---> puma0_o {HWE}

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Div VI
SaadGamer (saad pakistan sixer) rawalpindi # 101
what is it
49 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 102
saadgamer (saad pakistan sixer) name dame dirty fame  tournament
49 months ago
Div VI
SaadGamer (saad pakistan sixer) rawalpindi # 103
your tournament name
49 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 104
thats the name which i gave u on top 
49 months ago
Puma0_o Bathinda # 105
#spammers don't ruin my post
49 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 106
ya saad dont ruin it 
49 months ago
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