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U20-11 Presentation Ceremony :)

by DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) 76 months ago Editor's Pick




                                                      Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the presentation ceremony of U20-11 , well what a tournament it was , we have witnessed lots of upsets , nail bitters every week ;) and finally it's Legions who outplayed everyone in the tournament to win the title  , now with  me in presentation ceremony we have , 

Rajni kumar - President of Hitwicket  Mizoram cricket Association :p

Rajat singhal -  Chairman of U20 cup 

Joydeep  -  Chairman of India cup 

Vishal bala - Chairman of Hitwicket indian cricket association 

Kashyap reddy - CEO of Hitwicket 

                                  First i would like to welcome managers of top 16 teams to receive medal from Rajni kumar President of HMCA ,
                                                            Now i would like to welcome the players of Legions in alphabetical order to receive the medals from Joydeep,
                                                                Next up players of Swinging Strickers to receive medals ,


                                                              Again i would like to request Rajni kumar to present 5m check to Leethan clarke  for finishing  4th in this tournament and also 7m to Karan  for finishing 3rd :)

                                                                Now it's time to welcome losing manager yusuf rathoreto share his experience in this tournament ,

   "First of all i would like to thank Raj Patel who give me suggestion from beginning of the knock out round .. i'm here only because of him , he was behind my every strategy in this tournament "

" I didnt expect that I will reach U20-11 Final because there were so many monster teams in this U20 . Like Kalyan Harshant Virat warriors ,but with the help of raj patel strategy i started defeating them one by one "

"About today's match I knew that Harshant has far better team than mine and many guys predicted that he is U20 winner but I want to give him best fight and I gave him too.. I used 120 aft in finale and I thought I will score more than 125+ but luck wasn't with me neither in batting nor bowling too "

  " I couldn't find out How ME work .. I played 2-3 matches against Harshant with different aft ,when i put 120 than my team scored 130+ and when i put 140 My team got out at just 100 .. so ME is totally unpredictable at times"

"ONCE AGAIN I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Raj Harshant Abhik and Yatin mittal FOR HELPING ME" :)

 to  receive a check of 10m from  vishal bala .

                                                           Before having a chat with winning manager time to announce the man of the match award and it's Ishtaq Zehri   of  Legions  for his unbeaten 47 of just 39 balls :)


                                  Time to invite winning manager Harshanth to share his experience in the tourney :)

"TBH i was nervous entering the final . With so much support came so much pressure and responsibility" . "Aft was as usual tricky one and in few matches played before chasing was easy .Went with bowl first but even though lost toss luckily i bowled first .Yusuf's start was good and runs came and his aft was almost reached " . "117 on board was a tough chase and as planed dummies stood till 5 overs and when PP started main bats came and put on a big partnership . Glad things went according to plan . hard luck yusuf "

"Backbone of my u20 journey-Mani(history creators) has been there for me from start helping me with trainees to strategy in finals "
"From this u20 i made a friend for life prashanth(storm breakers) . whenever i need anything he will be there .
Made good friends in this u20 like karan,richie,rampy,prakhar,mani,yusuf,prashanth P,praveen and many more "
"Thanks to my close friends venky guru,yokesh,dinesh,pradeep,venki(91m guy ) and my alliance mates for supporting me throughout the campaign "

"Special thanks to yugam for training zehri - saviour , yatin for the wonderful wk , shadat for seamers nightmare duncan and richie for the match winner jalavi ."

"The support from experienced managers helped me a lot . sriram,priyansh,raj and the one who introduced me to this world "eka"

                                                               and Now  i would like to request kashyap CEO of hitwicket to present check of 15m and the trophy :)


 That's it , the party begins in muttonchops Arena :p




Good ni8 ;)

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Updated at: 17-06-2015

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Superb presentation ceremony.. Keep it up DJ :)
76 months ago
Awesome Work DJ <3 <3
Congrats Harsha :) :*
76 months ago
thanks for the medal :P
76 months ago
super cool 
i really liked it 
Awesome :D 
Congrats Harsha :P 

76 months ago
great work dj
76 months ago
Dj.....u rocked...!!!!
Awesome presentation.... harsha...!!!!:)
76 months ago
Awesome work dj
76 months ago
Mr_Anderson Durban # 29
I cant see a like button to like this post
76 months ago
Puma0_o Bathinda # 30
koka !!

76 months ago
lol :v good post

76 months ago
Hey any body tell me how could i register u20 cup ..... I have 12 players when i am going to select their ....where notification is coming invalid id cup ..... What is meaning? Can any body tell how register plZzzzz
76 months ago
Awesome presentation&thanks for the medal
76 months ago
Satvik (BozzMob) Bangalore # 37
Like button is to the right side of the last image.
76 months ago
Superb presentation ceremony.. Keep it up DJ''''''''''
76 months ago
Give one like frnds
76 months ago
76 months ago
Are u bidding on him...?
76 months ago
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