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Specific Skill Bowling Training

by sid6376 93 months ago

Till now I have been training my bowlers mostly in bowling variation but I am planning to train skill specific this week. The questions I had were how do you pick the 6 bowlers who would benefit from the training. 

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Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 1
Training gets applied on Saturday to players you have played  last Sunday/Wednesday game.

So on Saturday, we check your lineups.. see who all in your team have played "league" matches. We look at what training is set currently and we apply it to them. If someone plays both matches, doesn't mean they get trained twice. 

So lets assume you want to train Seam bowling. So you get 12 overs worth of training every match, each player can get max 4 overs worth training every week, so that gives ideally ability to training 6 seam bowlers. You can train more if you like, but the training effect reduces for each player, lets assume you bowl 4 seam bowlers in the Sunday match and 4 different seam bowlers in the Wednesday game, 8 players get 3 overs worth of training. 

Its similar for Spin.

PS: They don't actually have to bowl in the match, they have to be set in your lineup. We don't want to penalize you on training if you are awesome enough to beat a team quickly ( and you don't bowl the 20 overs ). 
93 months ago

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