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Hitwicket Super Clan Cup 2015 (registrations closed)

by SirVishal_Rich (Gangster Cricket) 62 months ago
Welcome to the first edition of Hitwicket Super Cup.

Rules and Regulations :

1. This tournament consists of 4 clans with 2 teams in each clan.
2. Each clan will play 3 matches.
3. 2 points for a victory, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss and 2 points for a bye.
4. The top 2 clans will play the finals.
5. Players can be loaned, but it should be within the clan. If any players is loaned        from some where else, there will be a deduction of 1 point.
6. To join, Comment - ADD ME <your name> , <team name>
7. Join and Enjoy.

Registered Teams :

Clan 1 : 

Clan 2:

Clan 3:

Clan 4:


Clan 1 vs Clan 3 :

Clan 2 vs Clan 4 :

Matches should be held at the ground of the highlighted team.

Scoreboard and standings:
Coming Soon

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Updated at: 10-06-2015

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Add me--imran--dragon warriors cc
62 months ago
Add me. akshay dubey. . knight pearl.
62 months ago
add me friend...
62 months ago
62 months ago
Selected Teams can start challenging your opponents

Let the games begin !!!
62 months ago
Pais Kumar (benzer) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India # 46
Add ne
62 months ago
Should I challenge AnjaneyaTeja (teja 1 kings???
62 months ago

62 months ago
Fariz Mohamed Kozhikode # 49
Add me Fariz Mohamed, Fari's Kerala
62 months ago
Arnab_gils_dey (THIRSTY PANTHERS) Yesu need to and the match will be held in your stadium
62 months ago
But I challenge another opponent for a match before I see this post..
62 months ago
Is this fixtures are home vs Away or Away vs home or any one can challenge any one
62 months ago
62 months ago
Prince Abilash U need to challenge Ajay_Pksy (EAGLE FORCE INC) 
and the match will be held at your opponent's stadium
62 months ago
Arnab_gils_dey (THIRSTY PANTHERS)
Your opponent will get a bye point
62 months ago
Add me
Tushar Naik
Top fighter
62 months ago
niyas (AROOSIYA) Madurai # 57
What is the next fixture and update the points table
62 months ago
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