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india vs pakistan

by Sagar Sinha 107 months ago
India vs pakistan a heavy weight match. Pakistan looks a better team because they have good bowlers which india doesn't have


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From my side , i will say there is no point in playing 8 batsmen in 20-20 . If your top 6 batsmen can't play till 20 overs . There is no point in playing two more batsmen . so 6 batsmen , 4 bowlers and 1 all rounder is idea for this . So if we include 1 all rounder (any1 apart from jadeja) , then most of the problems are solved.and our no.8 i.e ashwin can bat too aggressively .So batting deep was never an issue.

they could have used awana , as conditions were seamer friendly instead of rohit sharma , if they were so hell bent on playing jadeja .We need to give more chances to awana , his speed is good . He needs to be groomed .Like bhuvaneshwar , he could have shined also on that day as conditions were very helpful.

Last but not least , good to see youngsters like rahane , bhuvaneshwar shining even though india lost . And that ripper from kumar which castled umar akmal was like heavenly feeling .Last time i rememeber , i saw delivery like this when ishant sharma bowled ponting in australia
107 months ago
dhoni was a little too optimistic about yuvi.... that's y he preferred jadeja
107 months ago
Sagar Sinha Patna # 23
@suryakalaga .first you accept my challenge.then I will see how you can control by playing and losing a freindly match with me . Best of luck .
107 months ago
Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 24
i'm searching for a better team dan u... for frndly match :P @sagar sinha
107 months ago
Sagar Sinha Patna # 25
It means that your team hasn't got the ability to play a match with my team . I knew that
107 months ago
Surya Kalaga Hyderabad # 26
lol dude... i dont wan2 make a war vd u ryt now... plz dont test my tolerance limit k?
nd i'm gng to accept my frndz invitation not ua's...
frndlies are jst to check ua team levels not to make wars... :)
107 months ago
keep it kool mate heads :P 
107 months ago
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