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does 2nd may mean that the training we get on that day ie wk training will have batting?
81 months ago

New Features (2 of 4) - Wicket Keeper Batsman Training

by Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) 81 months ago Training

Currently there is a huge scarcity of good Wicket Keepers in the market. Our data shows that out of all training given, only 3% is Wicket Keeper training. This situation is not favourable to the game as it creates lack of good quality keepers which in turn reduces the importance of keepers in the game. Our vision is to make Wicket Keepers important enough to their teams so that they can contribute via their keeping skills as well as their batting skills.

Currently, a wicket keeper scout trained in wicket keeping becomes very strong in keeping but lacks batting skills since his initial batting skills are not too high. On the other hand, those trained in batting may turn out to be marquee batsmen but their wicket keeping skill remains same as when they were scouted, leading to them leaking byes, extra wides and dropping catches very regularly.

In the new system of Wicketkeeper training,on every session of Wicket keeping training given to a player will also improve his batting skills. The extent of batting training received by the player will be 70% of the amount of training that would have been received by that particular player if he were trained in Batting.

We hope that this step will increase the amount of quality wicket keepers in the market and make 'Wicket Keeping and Fielding' training a viable option for people who want to make a significant monetary profit within a period of couple of seasons or even use this type of training as a filler between switching of batting and bowling training so as to get a good keeper and also some amount of money from the sale of the second keeper.

Also, as seasons go bye, the penalty for having an low quality wicket keeper will go higher and teams will have to play keepers with higher skills. Therefore, in a few seasons time, one would require a keeper as highly skilled in keeping as his batsmen are in batting.

This new version of Wicket Keeping training will come into effect from the training given on Saturday, 2nd May 2015.

Please Note that this will NOT be a new Training Focus. The players who are selected as Keepers in the two league matches of the week are given training in their Wicket keeping skills if the Training Focus is "Wicket Keeping and Fielding". Those same players will get trained in their Batting Skills. Other fielders will not get trained in Batting Skills that week.


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devs kindly respond to this. Approximately 25 people have liked this comment of mine. Please respond

With respect to the training feature, i have the following suggestion:

Allow a team to allocate its training in the following manner:

lets say the total training proportion is 100%, then allow the team to allocate its training capacity to the different skills:

A team can decide to allocate its training of 50% to batting, 20% to bowling seam, 10% to bowling spin, 10% to fielding, 10% to fitness. 
The maximum allocated to a particular skill should be restricted between 10% to 50% and minimum 3 skills be selected with either fielding or fitness being compulsory. 
While distributing the training combination selected, it can be made to work like the existing rules. For example, every seam bowler will get 20% of the training who bowled full quota of 4 overs in the week and maximum 6 bowlers can be trained.

Benefits of this:

No one would be a batting trainer or bowling trainer but a proper team manager
Every player of the team would be participating in the training making the training more realistic.

81 months ago
I think, The penality could be like this.
IF,  10star bowler bowling, THEN 10+ star batsman score runs better against him.
Like wise,
IF,  10star bowler bowling, THEN 10+ star Wicket Keeper save byes, catches better.

81 months ago
Training should be totally changed.. Now it is not useful to most of them. 
81 months ago
Better introduce "ALL" in training feature. Limitations as per your wish. :)
81 months ago
does 2nd may mean that the training we get on that day ie wk training will have batting?
81 months ago
Sohail Sarkhel Mumbai # 169
Brother make 2 days of training so manager's can do more training of different types
81 months ago
Well you have thought about those 3% manager who train wk, this new training is not attractive at all.
81 months ago
why it is there that we can train 6 players in batting and rest of team is resting???
It should be made that every player could be trained in his aspect as training is of full team.
Like as becoming Remarkable manager we can train individual batsman so there should also be an option that we can train every player in different aspect after gaining that manager level
81 months ago
@Rehan:- Its a good suggestion, but looking at the other aspects of the game. It will be very much boring then, as you have to just pick youngsters and play them and train them. The value of old players will diminish in a huge fashion. I m not against this concept of yours, but if its done, 6 months notice prior to implementation is a must then.

Now, for proof, just check the keeper rates now and then check it after 3-4 months, and see the difference!

Those who have spent days in days out in training keepers, will they get full reward of their opportunity cost now? Think over it..
81 months ago
Shagun Bharadwaj Delhi # 174
Individual training, Like a batsman can be given 50% batting , 10% Bowling, 20% Fielding & 20% Fitness. 
Bowler: 10% Batting, 10% Fielding , 20% Fitness, 60% Bowling
All rounder : 40% Bowling, 40% Batting, 10%Fielding, 10% Fitness
Wicket Keeper :60% Bat, 0%Bowl, 30% WK/Field & 10% fitness.

Like in Football Manager series. where attackers are given more of shooting & passing training but also given small amount of tackling & marking training.
81 months ago
m new playr......... want to knw dat......... shud i leave the same training for the whole week......... or shud i change after some tym........ wat u suggests.... wat is the best way to train players
81 months ago
yes.. all the players shoudl be trained. if not at least most should receive.. Harbajan Singh took wickets... now he even scores half centuries... same goes for Piyush Chawla... who knew he would crack those boundaries and sixes to take KKR to victory!
81 months ago
if there were points for likes i would have jumped one manager level by now ;) posted my comment three times by copying it and got approx 50 likes on my suggestion ;)
81 months ago
It's good to train individuals ...
81 months ago
Saurabh Sharma (saurabhk51) 4 days ago #168
does 2nd may mean that the training we get on that day ie wk training will have batting?

I also have this doubt. Will this training be applicable for 2nd May training day?

Main post says "This new version of Wicket Keeping training will come into effect from the training given on Saturday, 2nd May 2015."

So I assume yes.
81 months ago
Did this change took effect in this week's training? ... Anyone out of those who gave wicket keeping training saw their player pop in batting skill? PS: Just want to confirm
80 months ago
Akshat Sharma (akshat royals)
Yes I got 3 pops. One in batting, one in keeping and third in fielding.
80 months ago
Good idea Shagun Bharadwaj (Demi Gods) comment # 174 above.

We have Devs time and again saying that they dont want the market to be inflated, hence they are unwilling to pump in money into the game ( by raising the ticket prices or sponsorship). 

The implementation of your suggestions would mean that poor managers may be able to make an all round team with the existing players and or scouts. 

While doing this the Devs then can implement stringent financial control as well, the one to be implemented soon. To retain the balance in the game.

This implementation will definitely control the market prices.    
80 months ago
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