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Switching leagues

by Sunny 95 months ago
Where is the SWITCH LINK given for switching leagues?
i dnt see it......

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95 months ago
Bro you can join my league...
95 months ago
I can invite you if you want
95 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 4
ha ha..i wud like be in my league :P  im jst searching for that option dude :)
but in forum kashyap mentioned that there will be some switch link nxt to the BOT's??
95 months ago
ohh  ok..same here..I think Only Kashyap knows that 
Wait for his reply
95 months ago
AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 6
Yash U can invite me if u want
95 months ago
I wish the switch link, comes with bug that I can switch to Div 3 too :P
95 months ago
Brothers , switching leagues will start sometime soon. For Div III users , i will say wait for some time , because after playoffs , more bot teams are coming , so you can switch after that
95 months ago
and what about the div 4 when this option come of switching league>?
95 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 10
League Switch is allowed now, but only below div 3 :)

You may find a switch option on the league page next to a BOT team's name
95 months ago

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