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AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 3
i got it in mail
96 months ago

DIV IV 62 Joining

by The Reds (HillsBorougH JF96) 96 months ago
Hey....Anyone out their wants to join our league is most welcome...:)
leave here the mail id so that i can invite you..
thank you..

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AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 1
96 months ago
I send it to you...did you get it..any notification...if not check your mail
96 months ago
AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 3
i got it in mail
96 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 4
@AkashYadav, be careful. You'd end up with two teams. Its not allowed and your main team may be fined. Please be careful, you are in IV.42, you can league switch into IV.62 if you want. 

To League Switch, go to the league you want to switch into ( in the same division ), infront of the BOT teams there is a link to switch.  

Also be careful about releasing personal contact information here :) . 

96 months ago
ok..then join bro
96 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 6
@Yash, no point of inviting people from here, send it out to friends that are not already in Hitwicket. 

Its a hassle for us to crack down on people with multiple teams. If everyone plays by the rules, we can focus our time on building features for you guys and making the game more awesome

96 months ago
Thanks i appreciate your views ....i am playing by the my league there are 3 BOT only intention is to make this league more competitive..and nothing more...inviting them for playing in this league is nothing wrong in it ..and also i have at least  10 face-book friends who join hit-wicket via me... 
96 months ago
AkashYadav (Skyfawl) Dharamshala # 8
Thankyou Rishav :)))

96 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 9
@Yash, I am in no way suggesting that you aren't. Thanks for inviting your friends and hope you continue to do so. I guess you may not have thought that this action may confuse users in creating multiples :). 

To fill up the league, users can league switch to your league or you/league memebers can invite friends separately. If existing users end up creating multiple teams, its becomes a hassle for everyone. Its just a soft reminder, because people tend to forget that you can't create multiple teams. 
96 months ago
Yes,i know that..even i created 3 more teams when i joined hit wicket knowing about the rules...but i realized that i am making a,i complained about my own teams and gets a penalty of 10 lakhs ..without any reward for  telling the truth about it :p
96 months ago

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