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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
Awesome :)
97 months ago

A Big Thank you to the makers of the game!!!

by Nikhil Somani (Dexter's 11) 97 months ago
Well the 3rd season ended and now preparation for the forth season is on, but in between i  wanna drop by and say a BIG THANK YOU to the makers of the game, Now i don't really find time out of busy work schedule to play cricket with my buddies, but through HITWICKET, we have started to have fights over the teams just like before, Its more like it has made us all re live our Childhood days, now we every week wait anxiously for our matches, i remember one match we were playing against each other, I had made pop corn and bought some beverages to watch the game.....Beat that for addictiveness.


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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
Awesome :)
97 months ago
Omkar Detroit # 2
That so true, this game has brought our childhood days back :)

Thank you guys!
96 months ago

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