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Doesn't make sense! I need a notification for that !!!
96 months ago

Set Line up Button Missing

by Karandeep 96 months ago

cant find the set line up button !

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yeah me too
96 months ago
So KD joined through me! Now we have a match on! ... Do i get to set up the match line up?... I mean how does this work?... I sold one of my old players! Who was bowling those 4 overs!!!
96 months ago
there's still 2 days of the mean time may b u can change it
96 months ago
Am not talking about the Wednesday friendly match! Am talking about the match which happens someone joins through your invite...
96 months ago
Its there...Just change the Season 3 above the completed matches... Click the drop-down list and select Season 4..
96 months ago
Doesn't make sense! I need a notification for that !!!
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 7
yeh, me kinda messed up there...the 'season 4' list sud've showed up by default
96 months ago
:) Thanks a lot! Hope rest is hale and hearty... Merry Christmas guys! 
96 months ago

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