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51 months ago
Tips on how to set your lineup in game.

Hey guys! One of our veteran players, Sir Innkeeper, has some great tips on setting lineup! Read on to find out :)

"One of the most important (and often neglected) aspect of Hitwicket is to set the lineup.

Personally, in matches I have around 20-60% chances of winning, I take as much as 90 minutes to set my line up.

If it's above or below, don't bother so much :p

A lot of tips and tricks are involved in doing the same.

I do not know why, but I feel like writing a comprehensive guide on this topic, having seen that not many really helpful ones are available in the forum.

Note: This is of absolutely no use to complete newbies, I'm assuming there is a certain level of working knowledge with the reader.

A) The Research

Step I : Do not rush.

Seriously, don't. I guess this is the most important and interesting aspect of the game. You can check a shitload of stuff by giving yourself ample time instead of making this a 5 minute affair.

Step II : What to check?

Of course, the best way to start is to check the previous match of the player. Make sure you single out the loan player and if he's not playing, make the necessary adjustments in all your calculations.

If you are a musketeer, the best way to start is to go to the previous game and check the player analysis section. That gives you an idea about the difference in Form/Fitness since the last game to again make your calculations more precise.

Step III: The player list

Your analysis is 90% complete by now. However, just to make sure the opponent has played his strongest playing XI in the game you checked, it is always advisable to go through his player list once. A tip here is to sort the players by the skill index and opening the highest 15 Skill indexed players to make a secondary assessment.

Of course, if the gap between the 15th and 16th player is less, you should be a bit more thorough.

Step IV: The transfer history

DO NOT MISS THIS. I have countless times won my games by buying players in the last two hours. If you have a habit to set line ups well in advance, please make a visit to the website 30 minutes before time to make sure your opponent has not made a recent signing.

Step V: Identify Weakness

Check 3-4 matches for each batsman for a drop in stars, try to make out if he is weak against either spin or seam and plan out your bowling line up accordingly.

Similarly, if he is short of bowlers, try to make sure your batsmen are around to boss them.

So, this concludes our research part. This is easily the most important and boring part of setting the line up, but this gives us, with 99.9% of accuracy, a complete idea of what is in store for us ahead.

B) The Process

There is of course, no definite set of rules involving the same.

At best I can provide you some tips and tricks that are really handed and found by almost a year of experience in HW wherein I've played around 1500 matches :)

Toss Preferences

- Flat 

Bat first if you have a good batting attack, don't feel that your bowling wont be able to defend it. Unlike proper cricket, where batting second is the obvious choice for a team like India, it's better to bat first and get a ton of runs on the board. The opponent might/should crumble under chasing pressure.

If you have a stronger bowling attack, evaluate the opponent. If you feel you can skittle him out real soon, bowl first. A low run rate will mean your batters will not take any risks and you should coast along.

If you feel you won't be able to skittle him out but feel he doesn't have a top notch attack, bat first and try to reach a score that will really rattle your opponent and try to strange him in chasing pressure. Make optimum use of the AFT feature in this case.


It is always advisable to bowl first on both these tracks, regardless of other conditions, ceterus paribus. Aim to really restrict your opponent and then coast along with no pressure.

Of course, in special cases you can bat first, but it really hampers your ability to win that particular game.

- Sporting

It is a drunk pitch, it claims to help everything but actually helps nothing. Apply the logic used in both the above points to reach a definite conclusion.

I'd bat first if I have a stronger batting line up and vice versa on Sporting.

Bowling order

- If you have five bowlers, there isn't much to worry about. Phase them out in the best way you can. If you see an apparent weakness in a line up, of course, try to place your bowler there to exploit it.

- In case of 4 bowlers, and i mean really good bowlers, bowl them upfront. A lot of people make the mistake of leaving them for later, but the game works such that towards the end, they will go too. So, either batting first or bowling first, upfront bowling is a must.

- If you have 3 strike bowlers, now is the time you start to phrase out. The last 4 should ideally be of the comparatively weaker bowlers (4th and 5th). Try to hide the rest four overs sandwiched between the good ones.

- In case you have two bowlers, I'm assuming you have a great batting attack. Bat first, get runs on the board. If you think the total is defendable, go hard upfront for a spell and then try to get your bowlers back later, i.e from around the 14th-18th over.

- In case of a single monster, bowl him out ASAP and hope for a run through.

Batting order

- Against a seam attack, assuming he has a really good/decent attack, it is most advisable to reverse the first four batsmen i.e. send in bowlers as bakras upfront. the No. 5 should be your 4th best batter, followed by the second best and then the best.

- Of course, try to inculcate the left-right combo in all cases/

- Against a crumbling attack, I would 10/10 times send by best two batters ahead and take the PP in the first 5. Needless to say, it only gets tougher.

- Against a batting team, assuming the opponent really doesn't have good players, play your best and 3rd best player in the begin and follow up with your 4th best player at 1 drop and 2nd best at No. 4. This can be reversed.

- It is important to note that a 10* batsman can boss a 10-11* bowler and easily play a 12* bowler. In short a batsman with 1-2 stars less can boss/handle a bowler 2 stars better than him.

The Powerplay

Ever since the powerplay is giving increased stars, the best way to use it is to try and make your good batsmen come at par with his good bowlers in his prime bowling stage.

For example, if you have a good batter and a few decent bats lower down the order, it is advisable to play your good bat (if he is within 2 stars of the good) bowlers so that he can actually play them out and even if he does get out after a while, your decent players lower down the order can boss out his comparatively weaker bowlers.



Nah, sorry, not divulging details on that calculations :v

However, if you have good bats and the opponent has only 1-2 good bowlers, always try to use 'AMP'. Try it once if you haven't yet and try the same score with AFT, you will see the difference. "

Thank you Sir Innkeeper for the post! :)

See you in Game.

Signing off,

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A good one as regular...Keep it up!!!

BTW, Need a feature to tag someone in the blog.... :)
51 months ago
it works superbly, by utilizing these tips i was the group  topper in my first season i.e(season  22), i will try to implement in the coming season.

48 months ago
DG NANDHU Hosur # 3
any tips for my team DG WARRIORS dude?????

45 months ago
adil 10917 (fab tigers) Delhi # 4
it works well
37 months ago