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52 months ago
It's always good to look back and live those memories again. We bring to you the perspective of the WINNERS of the last Hitwicket World Cup, who share their experiences and their views and more importantly, how they did.

It's that time of the year again. Nervous excitement, anticipation, elections.. Yup! You got it right. Hitwicket Cricket World Cup is just around the corner and before the players head in for the bloodbath, we thought you guys would love to hear from the pros themselves. Hitwicket is proud to present the   interview with the World Cup 3 winners, The Srilanka Stormers.

Srilanka Stormers emerged winners after maintaining an unbelievable undefeated streak throughout the tournament. The Head Coach, 24 year old Raj Patel, who works in his family business, humbly attributes the success to the ACs and the PRO.

" I started playing Hitwicket in Feb 2013 . Joined the game for my friend to earn MRP. Never thought it would become a part of my life. Can never thank you enough for this mind blowing game.", says Raj.

He also adds that, " Be it Hitwicket World Cup , 1.1 , U20 or even any unofficial tourney , winning gives the best feeling. The special thing about winning World Cup is - almost all teams are equal and all great managers take part in WC , so winning against them gives a little extra pleasure and adding to that winning undefeated throughout is the most awesome thing."

It's not just Raj, who had an early start with the game. In fact, one of the assistant coaches, Prashant Shikhar, a financial analyst in Goldman Sachs, also had an early start to his Hitwicket career and had been playing the game for over 3 years when they won the World Cup.

"I have been part of 4 different teams in 4 editions of World Cup. Last time was the first victory for me. Felt pretty special.", conveys Prashant on his World Cup win.

Sushant Gaur, the AC, agrees with Prashant as he adds, " It felt great. Raj & I wanted to win this with Lanka for almost a year and to finally win was exhilarating. " The 28 year old is involved with several start ups such as Urja Packaging, Ads-on-Bags, VS Wellness and PrintKario and is looking forward to grow them.

Priyansh Modi, another AC, currently working for Adani Wilmar Ltd as an Area Sales Manager, however has a contrasting opinion as he says, " Meh- to be honest, had bigger moments in Hitwicket. Even League wins, U20 wins of Friends, My own Premiere wins, those felt much bigger. WC was great, don't get me wrong- but was kind of straight forward and no nervous moments as such."

 "It is an achievement every Hitwicketian dreams of. We feel very proud.", mentions Sarvjeet Singh, the PRO for the team and the proud owner of an electronics shop business.

On enquiring about their strategies for the game, Raj says, " Be it the world cup or league games , I like to keep it simple - not a fan of reverse line up unless the opponent team is stronger than mine. I always believed Sri Lanka was one of the top contenders as the team was strong. So it was pretty easy , selecting players on form and fitness - using seam heavy batsmen at top and balanced batsmen in between ( though that depends upon the pitch and opposition bowling strength ). The main thing is about using AFT. I have seen people trying to find perfect AFT . I rather believe in playing safe . For example, if I know my team can score 180 , but same side can defend 120 , then I would happily go with 140 - that reduces the chances of aft getting backfired. "

"Last time around we were lucky to have so many high caliber players from our team (Sri Lanka). Strategy depends on the players you get. In our case we were comfortable batting or bowling first. If we batted first, we used to have an AFT of 150. And all batsmen used to bat upfront. If we were to bowl first, our best bowlers were upfront. And the best bowler (starwise) should bowl during the middle overs.", adds Prashant.

The other ACs and the PRO have their own say in this as well, as is expected from any top World Cup contending team.

"Tough to say. We did not use any special strategies as such. I mean, it was mainly experience. Focused on our strengths- which was Batting- Kept AFTs on higher side for same and were comfortable winners.", says Priyansh, the IIM Shillong Marketing graduate.

"We won on brute force of players and managers. The entire Lankan Management was of Titan managers which meant that we never squabbled over strategy and we knew each owner of our players and we got form refresh and fitness whenever we wanted.", mentions Sushant.

Sarvjeet Singh is all praises for his coach as he declares, "Our Head Coach is a magician himself. We didn't even bother to discuss for many of those matches!"

So there you have it folks. Strategies straight from the World Cup winners themselves. In case you all are wondering, the Stormers unfortunately won't be standing for elections this year. But Raj Patel, Prashant Shikhar and Sarvjeet Singh are only all too eager to be ACs for the World Cup teams this season. Head Coaches of WC 4, better call them up soon, before they are taken!

What do you guys think of the strategies? Would you employ the same for your team if you were a part of the World Cup? Comment away your thoughts! We would love to hear from you.


See you in Game.

Signing off,

The Hitwicket Team.

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Raj Patel (KINNG XI) Ahmedabad # 1
Thank You Hitwicket for the kind words :)

All the best to everyone for elections , hope you guys rock it and do wonders 

52 months ago
Thanks a lot for reminding the sweet memories.... Good wishes to all my Sri Lankan staff members for the new season with their reepected teams :-) Wish you more succes Hitwicket :-D
52 months ago
Those Nostalgic moments!!

52 months ago