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THE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD Mujahed Mujahed Division 5
sonu super kings 1 sonu yadav sonu yadav Division 5
Abhishek Ants 8368 Abhishek Gupta Abhishek Gupta Division 4
Royal Tamizhans Arun Pandian Aadhi Arun Pandian Aadhi Division 4
Scratians Sir Nitin Prince Sir Nitin Prince Division 4
Calabasas Conquerors Sir shivfan Sir shivfan Division 2
Atul Patil Atul Patil Zate Atul Patil Zate Division 4
Rajjat Rockers Rajjat Dhawan Rajjat Dhawan Division 5
Techie Blasters Sir Karthickraja Sir Karthickraja Division 6