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963 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"awesome concept and hatsoff to the devs for bringing such a great game for us.........."

shady1993, manager of Rivals nightmare

"I am getting addicted to this game. Fantastic game. Best Ever Cricket game ever played. Keep up the good hard work. "

Bablis Narhe, manager of Victorian Victors

"great work... really a nice platform to own a team n play matches... (Y)"

fossil, manager of Paradip Tuskers

"Love this Game.. Its Too Good To play And.. Its Good also For mind Testing That.. Which player should I use to play with different Teams.. And i can train my players as well "

Aamir Rathore, manager of Ratlam Indians

"I think its a wonderful development, with very unique idea and very addicting game physics behind it. I really would like to give a heads up to the development team, its not just wonderful but different. Its unique and very addictive. Excellent Job really :)"

Talha Akhter, manager of Talhaa XI

"its a great game when i would be earning i will purchase it to use autobid"

GiaNT_KillER, manager of super overs

"Yes surely liked your game.. Had no interest in cricket but after playing this game I started to like it. It's very nice managing game. Feels good to have a team :-) "

nutella, manager of NUTELLA

"Completely in love with the game. It has has brought out the manager in me and the devs of this game are a great inspiration for entrepreneurs! "

Jose Mourinho, manager of Chelsea'

"Words have fallen short a long ago to describe the beauty of the game..:)"

Rishi, manager of Auckland Volts

"I have been associated with this game for more than a year just because it is completely worth it .. "

Christopher Ruben, manager of Christo Gang

""I joined Hitwicket 28 months ago. Since then I can't think about anything other than Hitwicket. Truly the most addictive cricket game ever. Thnx to the developers for creating one of the best game in the world. "

Rajiv Chakraborty, manager of Raj's Chicago Bulls

"This is one such game where u don't get bored playing for years and years, as it has 3 matches in one week. And addition of new features like alliances and introduction of wides and all make it more realistic. This is one hell of a game , hats of to u guys Keep on Rocking :)"

Akash Nidhi, manager of SkyTreasure

"Grt game totall loving it for the first time spent some money on a game...totally worth it"

Prannay Chhibber, manager of PNT Rockers

"In One Sentence,it is the best cricket management game ever"

Virat Kohli 18, manager of Smashing Strikerz

"This has been a mind boggling journey till now....HW has changed my way of thinking in many aspects of life and has provided me a lot of friends...i am pleased to be a part of HW family"

Mahesh, manager of JUGGERNAUTS

""Really Amazing guys :) Thanks a lot for giving us a interesting entertainment in a short span of time :) This game will teach us how to manage critical situations, how to utilize the available finance, how to win a game with our ideas, etc. We are using our brain to win so automatically it a worthy game :) ""

DARK_L0RD, manager of BaD bOy'Z

"The gameplay, the strategy and the experience of owning, managing and taking your cricket team to new heights is an experience that only Hitwicket has given me!"

Vishu Kashyap, manager of VKBashers

"It's is the most interesting online cricket game I have played. I love it . Here we become a manager of the team. By becoming a part of this game I learnt alot more. Like how to manage our team players for the match. And apply a different strategy against other managers to win the match and financial part is there also. Overall it's help me to increase my managing skills Through this game I got new friends from other countries also. So I like to thanks to hitwicket group for giving us this wonderful game. And my best wishes will always with hitwicket to make successful in future. Thanks to"

Prashant Patil, manager of Master Blaster Stars

"Like it? Love it! A friend recommended this game to me, actually my love for cricket did too. A game 100 generations ahead of it's time, I was waiting an eternity for this. Already spent my first penny buying credits and not long before I'll be a musketeer. All those who think they are better captains watching from their comforts of home now have a way to prove themselves right."

Innkeeper, manager of The Legendary Inn

"HITWICKET is the most awesome manager game i've ever played. The matches are like real life and test your manager skills. "

Ruddhi Panda, manager of RUDRIGUEZ

"Wonderfully developed game.. Simple and entertaining. Has kindled the manager in me.. I am a very technical guy from childhood interested in mechanics.. am a mechanical engineer now.. Though I had ideas of being a entrepreneur from childhood, never worked on it too much though.. This game and the developers have inspired me a lot now!"

Karthik Ragunathan, manager of Singaara Chennai

"this is actually the baap of all cricket management games.u just dont need cricketing knowledge but also management helps u to connect with people across the nation and forge new friendships.truly,a wonderful game"

lekhraj, manager of calculus

""I joined Hitwicket 17 months ago. Since then I can't think about anything other than Hitwicket. Truly the most addictive cricket game ever. Thnx to the developers for creating one of the best game in the world.""

Rajiv Chakraborty, manager of Raj's Chicago Bulls

"The key to any management game is patience and vision!!! I get both from this game!!!"

kathiravanjp, manager of Thunder Kats

"HW has become a part of life........Each and every aspect of Management(Time, money & strategy)has been take care while designing this game......At any level or stage......U cannot sit, relax and say I am now master of this game......Continous up-gradation and adoption to changes is required to keep progressing and fighting fellow managers.........In totality a 'Complete Package'"

Sunil_Singh, manager of InsomniacS