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My team is already winning matches under me. Let's see if you can Lead your Team to Victory.
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Few reasons to like Hitwicket

Gokul Sukumar, manager of Auto Freaks

"I just started playing hitwicket because of my friends who told that it's amazing. When i created my own team and started playing, i realised how addictive this game is. Nowadays whenever i browse t..."

GlaDys, manager of The Odin Legacy

"Almost two years into the game. Who knew this stuff would be so addictive. Kudos to HW team!"

Amol Vyawahare, manager of AV Rhino 11

"A nice game to be played online. Teaches how to manage a team and patience. Initially found it tough to learn then through various discussions got views and experience of others. Thanks for creating s..."

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