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6 days left for 1st anniversary.

Dear Hitwicketians, Today I am proud to say that we are just 6 days far to complete 1st Anniversary in Hitwicket. "A lot of things happened" during this journey. We were nowhere... As like everybody else we tried to bring revolution in this world but we failed. Today while writing this Release when I look back, it feels OK but trust me it's not. Climbing on Hitwicket ladders is not that easy as it likes to be. Certainly not when u are new to this world and everyone is trying to thrash you to get up. Whenever we felt easy or ok, there was a slight change in training, bidding, new features etc which pulls you from being easy or OK with this world. But now here we are... On "Magical Level" and trust me it feels great. It makes you feel that you are something now but still when we see legendary and above level teams we feel some lacking but it seems obvious. We took some of the great decisions during this tenure. We revamped our whole team 4 months back realizing that we should give chance to young generations which lead us to find some of the great player like Chaudhary, Nepram, Robert, Indra etc... As a result we did a top on last league moreover we have also won Bilateral series against Kamal Kings (2 matches still left). Coming to the future plan its simple. We ate just going to continue what we are doing right now and we are not in a mood to change anything right now. We are thankful to our fans and followers. Without their support we wouldn't be able to come so far. Our fans supported us all the time what so ever team condition was. Especially when we revamp our whole team. Some of our fans left also and that's understandable but we request them to come back and support. We are also thankful to people who didn't supported us because they inspired us to work hard because they criticized us. Many teams supported us like Kamal Kings, Mdimran and many more... It's Victoria's secret manager signing off for now. Happy New Year.

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