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Prices of Credits

by Sir Vipin Beck (VB's SHILOH EAGLES) 18 days ago
Hi, My request to the HW Team is to think about reducing the price of credits a little bit atleast. It's too expensive! And, after taxes are added, it's too much to pay. Eg. I prefer buying 35 credits which are priced at INR 499, which after adding up taxes goes up to 578. As most of HW users are students like I am, it becomes difficult at times to bear 500+ bucks for those many credits. And at lower amount only 15 and 3 credits are available which aren't enough considering the number of credits which are required to complete elite academy training. Or atleast give us ways to win credits too. (Credits won after winning league matches, through watching ads or installing 3rd party apps are not enough) Think about it. Playing to win credits would be engaging for users like me. Please consider my request. Thank you.

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Updated at: 29-10-2018

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Sir Muhammad_Taha (Lions U19) Karachi # 1
17 days ago
I was expecting a reply from Devs, yet no reply!
11 days ago

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