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Alliance World Cup 2018

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 28 days ago
The much awaited Alliance World Cup is finally here!

Alliance World Cup: 
Its about the strategy, its about the team work and its about getting victorious and dominating the Hitwicket World. Sports is not just about an individual, but its about the team, the alliance. Does your alliance have what it takes to clinch the prestigious title!?

Massive Prize pool: 1 Billion HW Cash up for grabs along with the prestigious Alliance World Cup Trophy!

All Alliances with atleast 6 members will be automatically registered for the Trophy.
The Android and iOS app with the content update will be available soon.
Plan and make sure your alliance has the required members!

Format and rules:
  • Group Stage:  4 Alliances per Group
  • Each Alliance will take on the other alliances in their group
  • The Top two will promote to the Knockouts
  • The top 9 teams of each alliance will be selected automatically to play the series
  • Players stars are capped as-
    Primary skill star (skill with highest star) = 15 star cap
    Secondary skill star (skill with 2nd highest star) = 9 star cap
    For example, if a player has 18 star in bowling and 12 star in batting, then his bowling star will get capped to 15 star while his batting star will get capped to 9 star.
  • Every match between alliances is divided into two parts-
    a. Preparation day: alliance members can donate players or as for player donations, scout opponents & strategise challenges, set defence lineup
    b. Match day: alliance members can challenge any of the opponent's team at any point of time. Each alliance member gets only 1 challenge and once an opponent team is defeated, then the same team cannot be challenged again. The matches will be played against the opponent's defence lineup (which the opponent cannot change) and on the opponent's pitch.
  • The alliance with most number of challenged victories in the alliance series will win the round.

Teams will not be allowed to leave/join an Alliance during the entire world cup unless they are knocked out, so be very careful whom you pick!


  • Registration: All the alliances with more than 5 members as of date 04/10/2018 at 11.59 PM IST will get automatically registered for world cup

  • Alliance Squad: Alliance cannot fire or add a team member till the time they are not knocked out of the tournament once they are registered for the event

  • Star Cap: Primary skill (skill with highest star value) capped to 15 star.
    All secondary skills (all other skills) will be capped to 9 star.

  • Fitness: As it is. No change/modification

  • Form: As it is. No change/modification

  • Elite Academy: No change/cap

  • Squad: All the players from user’s squad will be available for the tournament unless the player is sent to EA.

  • Player Experience: 3 of the players from your squad gain XP per match. Captain gets extra experience.

  • Achievements: All the matches played during tournament will be counted for achievements.


  • Alliance series: top 9 teams from each alliance will be selected for the series based on their team strength.
    Each team will get 1 challenge. The team can use this challenge to challenge any opponent of the opponent who is undefeated. Once the opponent team is defeated, no other team can challenge the same team.
    Victory point is given only to the challenger when he wins the challenge match. NOTE: If the opponent has less than 9 teams, then per team less than 9, your alliance will get 1 victory point to your alliance score. For example, if your alliance has 8 members and your opponent's alliance has 6 members, then your alliance will get (9-6 =)

  • 3 points while the opponent's alliance will get (9-8 =)1 point.

    • Preparation Day: preparation day lasts for 21.5 hours starting at 12:30 PM IST. Users can do the following during this time:

      • Scout the opponents and strategize which user should challenge which team

      • Set their defence lineup. This lineup will be used when the opponent teams will challenge your team. Defence lineup gets locked when the preparation time is over and cannot be changed throughout the match day

      • Donate players to your alliance teams and receive players from them. Once a player is donated, the player cannot be taken back for that round and nor can the receiving team kick that player. Each user can donate only 1 player per round and receive 1 player per round. Donation gets reset after the round is over

    • Match Day: match day lasts for 24 hours starts at 10:00 AM IST. Users can do the following during this time:

      • Challenge the opponent team. User can challenge any opponent team which are eligible for the match.

      • The challenged match will take place at the opponent’s pitch

      • User can challenge opponents at any point of time during the match day

      • User can set his lineup on challenging the opponent and can also view the opponent’s defence lineup which will play the match.

  • Bonus Challenge: each alliance will get 1 bonus challenge. A bonus challenge can be used by any alliance member after his regular challenge has exhausted. Be careful who uses the bonus challenge since it cannot be reversed!

  • Alliance Series Winner: Alliance which scores the maximum victories will win the alliance series. If the victory points are tied then

    • The team which used less number of challenged will be declared winner (including bonus challenge).

    • Team with higher NRR will be declared the winner. The alliance NRR is the addition of all the matches played in that series

  • Round 1: Group stage

    • Each group will consist of 4 alliance

    • Each alliance will play 1 series with every other alliance in the group

    • Top 2 alliances will qualify for the next round

  • Round 2: Direct Knockouts

    • Each alliance will play 1 alliance series in each direct knockouts round

    • Winner of the alliance series will proceed for next direct knockout round

Prize Pool:

  • Alliance Rank 65 - 128: 2.25M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 33 - 64: 4.5M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 17 - 32:  6.75M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 9 - 16: 13.5M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 5 - 8: 27M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 3 - 4: 54M / alliance

  • Alliance Rank 2: 108M

  • Alliance Rank 1: 180M

The prize money per alliance is distributed equally among its members.

Note: All Alliances with atleast 6 members will be automatically registered for the Trophy. Search for an Alliance and join to play in this Tournament.

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Updated at: 03-10-2018

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Div V
Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 154
Alliance world cup is now live, fixtures are out, preparation day starts tomorrow, are you guys ready? ;)
18 days ago
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Div V
Sir Ravikumar_03 (RK03) Pondicherry # 203
Soulcollector - Any chance you guys will allow to add/remove teams after round one and before knock outs.Do consider as many of us understood the rules only after playing  and will be very useful if you guys do so.
13 days ago
Soulcollector - Our alliance named as Afridi tie first 2 matches in group but both counted as loss. Now there is no chance of get to next stage. At least add tie in group stage
13 days ago
Div V
Sunny_returns (ARMOURY) Hyderabad # 205
devs will never give up on trying to get people to like alliances, sadly every update sucked till date & looking at the prize money.....this will suck too...
13 days ago
if anyone wants to be a part of our new alliance then search limitless and join the alliance
11 days ago
Div VI
Iren Patel (IndiaYoung) Ahmedabad # 208
but how can know which alliance member have bonus challenge?
10 days ago
10 days ago
Div VI
Shankar (Pakistan 2158) Umar, Sindh, Pakistan # 210
alliance WC complete fixture not showed how much mtaches against which team also points .no detail every body want to know the postion.
7 days ago
Sambath (the dot cbe tiger) coimbatore # 211
9- 6 alliance nothing rules
7 days ago
Div VI
Sheik Kadar (SK TITANS XI) Chennai # 212
Can we remove few member from alliance in the middle of the tournaments? Please tell me
6 days ago
We are facing a bug. After selecting every player and setting up batting/bowling order, whenever we try to save, we get 'select 0 more player(s)' error. i checked that wk and captain were marked. Please solve the bug
5 days ago
Soulcollector - User can set his lineup on challenging the opponent and can also view the opponent’s defence lineup which will play the match.

But today i saw a different line up came for my opponent and not the one i saw in his defence line up ....As usual BUG in this as well.
3 days ago
my team player sales pls check my team low price rate
3 days ago
Karthik - same and lost the match
3 days ago
Sd Khan (Sd Stormtroopers) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh # 217
3 days ago
i want to play plz add
3 days ago
Has match engine been manipulated/altered? For the first time i have seen more runs been scored while playing defensively than by playing ultra agressively ! Yesterday also my team did not score a single boundary in 13 balls during Ultra aggressive batting. If something is changed you should let us know
2 days ago
VKPATEL (VK STAR) Surat # 220
plz my alliance
2 days ago
Raju (Raju Comets) Mumbai, Maharashtra # 221
2 days ago
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