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cannot use fb app

by Guiiviiby (Axe Kickin Crew) 2 months ago
the last 24 hrs I have not been able to access hitwicket on fb....the page loads but the challenger cup page comes up and cannot be removed...plz look into this bug and fix asap my team is counting on you hitwicket! 

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Div IV
Sir FuzzyBear (Dozy Buggas) Birmingham # 1
Same problem report - on Facebook, initial page comes up for "Challenge Cup, Subscribe by June", and the "X" box fails to close it. Means I am missing out on a Victory Box, as well as being unable to access the last 3 days Gym sessions.
Chop chop, Developers. Sort it out pronto, please.
As it is, Facebook connection via Laptop STILL doesn't allow me to access Scouting at all. This really is getting tiresome.
2 months ago
Same problem with me on Facebook! 
2 months ago
Div VI
Guiiviiby (Axe Kickin Crew) Adelaide # 5
i have top players missing out on academy training....i am missing gym.....i am missing f5 games...i am missing my match bonus cards...i am no.1 in a great div full of competitive players plz help hitwicket!!!!
2 months ago
Div VI
Guiiviiby (Axe Kickin Crew) Adelaide # 6
delete the challenger cup poster from june 4!!!!
2 months ago
Div VI
Guiiviiby (Axe Kickin Crew) Adelaide # 7
or june 2 or whateva it is!!!
2 months ago
Div VI
Guiiviiby (Axe Kickin Crew) Adelaide # 8
it does not belong in the game now!!!
2 months ago
Damn it, the Challenger Cup poster still irritating me on Facebook. Just because of the bug I missed out my last league match Victory Box. All Moderators and admins are still sleeping? No one here to take the responsibility to solve the matter? Boring game staffs........! :(
2 months ago

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