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Premiere League 2018 - Edition 1 ( Free Registrations )

by Anurag Rawat (Uk Beast Hunters) 4 months ago
Guys I have found that from 2-3 Months there is Just Clamness in the Unofficial Tournaments . So I have Decided to Start this Tournament to Maintain Exiteness Of the Game.I have no money to buy Hitcoins so its a free league for a spirit of Competition and I Promise to Complete the Tournament.
Sponsers are Welcome

Entry Fees - 0
Winning Prize - Title of " Mr. Hitwicket"

1.Match can Be played in Tuesday Friendly Matches
2.There will Be 16 teams
3. Knockout Tournament
4. No One can use Players of Skill Index More Than 100 K and 12 Stars
5.Who will Break Rule Will Be Disqualified
6.All the Best

1.Kosh XI
2.BRT Kings
4.Holy Tigers
5.Junaid's Jolters
7.Mumbai Mavericks 8494
8.Uk Beast Hunters
9.Build Up Boys
10.Gany Gangsta
12.Siva Stunners 8528
13.Rahul Panthers
14.Mumbai Indians
15.Manoj Warriors Kadapa
16. Blue Planets

1.Kosh XI Vs Mumbai Mavericks
2.BRT Kings vs Uk Beast Hunters
3.Kplions vs Build up Boys
4.Holy Tigers vs Gany Gangsta
5.Junaid's Jolters vs Pottugadu
6.Bladebreakerz vs Siva Stunners
7.Rahul Panthers vs Manoj warriors Kadapa
8.Mumbai Indians vs Blue Planets

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4 months ago
Div V
Rohan Koshy (Kosh XI) Delhi # 42
I sent challenge twice but Mumbai Mavericks didn't accept.
4 months ago
Wait Guys They Can accept it till Tuesday so wait if they did't Accept by Tuesday they will be disqualified
4 months ago
Div V
Rohan Koshy (Kosh XI) Delhi # 44
They are rejecting it. because my sent request is disappearing.
4 months ago
4 months ago
Div VI
pottugadu43 (pottugadu43) Vijayavada, Andhra Pradesh, India # 46
4 months ago
Div V
Rohan Koshy (Kosh XI) Delhi # 47
Mumbai Mavericks did not accept. kindly disqualify them.
4 months ago
4 months ago
Send me ur match links guys
4 months ago
CRJ poudyal (BRT KINGS XI) Biratnagar # 50
i won the match with uk beast
4 months ago
Div IV
Kai (Bladebreakerz) Lahore # 51
i won also
4 months ago
All other guys plzz send ur match links
4 months ago
win against holy tigers
4 months ago
5 matches more quick guya
4 months ago
i won match against Rahul panthers
4 months ago
bro next fixtures
4 months ago
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