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After Season Break I have 9 Played Games but haven't played one yet.

by Krish Vikram (Great Sabretooths) 4 months ago
Recently Finish Div 6 League, After Season Break I was allotted Div VII-1967, But It shows I played 9 matches. 
Played 9
Win 1
Loss 8
Tie 0

I wanna set and play all matches my new league...

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Div V
Sir Hardeep (Hardeep Heartbreakers) Bayad, Gujarat, India # 1
Change your league. Try to find league in which only bot teams played then your team replaced with team which win most games. Like example VII-2424
4 months ago
Hardeep - Thank you. but is it not possible to start from Zero matches ?
4 months ago
Div V
Sir Hardeep (Hardeep Heartbreakers) Bayad, Gujarat, India # 3
No.. even i lost first two matches
4 months ago

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