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finance earn more

by Sai Krishna (KRISHNA WARRIORS) 5 months ago
It has been almost 6 years Hitwicket launched. From the beginning stadium ticket cost is 200 rupees. Everytime increasing in players skill index means salary of players will increase by 10% but we will earn most of the money by ticket cost. I am asking developers to increase ticket cost to minum 300 rupees for temporary or 500 rupees for next 5 years. It will be benifit for all the managers in HIT WICKET. You have developed a lot but it hasn't changed since launched. Please support for this post. Thank you.

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Updated at: 09-06-2018

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Div VI
Sai Krishna (KRISHNA WARRIORS) Hyderabad # 1
No body is seeing .
4 months ago
Div IV
FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 2
I don't understand the need for more finance. Money is already very easy to make in this game. There are  many things I think need attention far more urgently than ticket prices. 
4 months ago

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