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Differentiate purchased PC vs league match win PC

by Sir Poker Face (Thundering Titans) 3 months ago
I had purchased a couple of PC kits. With the recent change, the purchased cards dont count for the inventory limit which is good.

When I win a league match and get some PCs they get added to the same list. I cannot figure out which one of them is through league match win and which one is the purchased PC.

Additionally, I tried to make a note of it myself. But there is some bug.

For ex : If i get a Spin BM +100 card from league match win and I already had a similar card from the purchased kit, I will see both cards when applying on a player. I am expected to somehow figure out which one of those is frm league match, bcoz the inventory limit gets updated only if i choose the correct card out of these 2 which seems a bit illogical.

I will be encouraged to buy more PCs if I can differentiate. I hope this is a good incentive to fix this. :-)

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