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HPL: Limited Time Special Event

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 5 months ago

Hitwicket Premier League, aka HPL, is a parallel universe in Hitwicket which follows the format of the IPL.

There are 8 regions in HPL just like IPL:
1. Bangalore
2. Chennai
3. Delhi
4. Hyderabad
5. Kolkata
6. Mumbai
7. Punjab
8. Rajasthan

There will be multiple leagues which will take place parallely.

1. Fixtures: HPL will be following the fixtures of IPL and the matches will happen at the same date and similar timings for all the leagues.

2. Play with friends: you can invite your friends to join your league and they you compete against your friends by choosing your favorite region.
Note: no two teams will get the same region in a single league, you will need to join a different league if you want a City which has already been taken.

3. Squad: Each team starts with 11 players and each region will have same set of players. There is no squad player limit.

4. Auction: Auction will be league specific, you can can bid only on the players who are in your league’s auction. Everyday 5 new unique players will be put up for sale. Auction will begin on 05-04-2018 and end on 20-05-2018. You cannot sell your players in auction but can fire your players for 90% of the player's base price.

5. Invite Rewards: since HPL is all about teamwork and working towards a bigger goal, you will definitely need hands to help. So go ahead and invite your friends to join Hitwicket and help you in achieving the goal and in return you will get to earn Hitcoins and other rewards which you can use in Hitwicket! The more you invite, the more you earn!

6. Players: the players will have four basic ratings which are batting, bowling, wicket-keeping and fitness. The player’s value will be dependent on all the skills except fitness.

7. Player Rewards: Just like IPL, we have several player rewards such as the Purple Cap, Orange Cap etc. So give all your energy to your players and make them perform the best on the field and earn the prestigious rewards!

8. Gym: gym will be free in HPL but will have similar refill counter and timer just like in Hitwicket.

9. Finance: Every team will begin with the same amount of finance. Finance can be used only to purchase players from the auction. There is a limited finance given to every team so make sure you use it wisely ;)
Also, there will be daily login cash reward every day for the users. So even if you run out of finance, we are here to help you out!

10. Chat: HPL has its own separate chat system for banter and sharing strategies.

HPL Global, Your Region (share tips with your fellow City manager) and Your League (Banter time!).

The Ultimate Championship:

The points scored by each regional team in the League will add to the points of the City. The City at the top at the end of the HPL will be declared the Ultimate Champion!

So give your best in your league and help your region go ahead of the others! If you end at the top of the league table at the end of the league, your region will get extra points! ;)

The region which ends at the top of the table will have some surprise rewards waiting for them!


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Updated at: 08-04-2018

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Manu Krishna (Hunters kerala) Alappuzha # 861
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Sohan (Sohan Sledgers) sohangadari # 862
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lYcan_CorVinus (Kz lYcanz) Colombo # 864
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Sir Sumeet Sangwan (Haryana kings X1) charkhi dadri # 865
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1 days ago
Soulcollector -

This is regarding my login issue. I have already sent messages through support page + e mailed regarding the issue. But I have not received any response so far. I have been unable to login to my account which i had been using since 5 months. It says my email is not registered to any account. Kindly help me get back to my account as I have invested a lot of time into it.
My team name was "DREAMERS"

Thank you.
1 days ago

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