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Reply if you want cheating to be stopped.

by Sir dazzagsmith (Croft CC) 4 months ago
Reply to or like this post if you want the hitwicket team to take action to stop the cheating. I've just gone from one division with cheating going on to another with cheating going on. This type of cheating, whereby a team has other teams that they use to buy their players at high prices, is easy for hitwicket to check for. But they have failed to do anything when it's reported. It's time to make ourselves heard to stop cheats from ruining this game.

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Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 41
This is an interesting one. Just come across a team that has only been active for 12 days but he has just bought 200m worth of players. Looking at his profile he has completed 50 achievements in those 12 days. How is that even possible? He is also the member of quite an impressive alliance. Not saying it's cheating, although something seems odd. Interested in anyone's thoughts. Cheers!
3 months ago
Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 42
It's that time again. Cheat of the day! Today's contestant is.............Sir Vignesh!!! This is quite a good one, lads :D

Kukki Kings


Che Super Kings

CBE Super Kings Team

He could have more, I got bored of looking. Here he is in action as we speak....

Anyone who can push the report button before Saturday will be contributing to our cause. I got another notification the other day saying someone had been punished as a result of our reporting. Keep going, chaps! 

3 months ago
Div IV
Manager007 (SUPER KIDS) Kochi # 43
FenRam - He will not be punished because hes a musketeer. HW want money only no ethics. 
3 months ago
Div IV
Manager007 (SUPER KIDS) Kochi # 44

tiger roars  to  Ashu xi 2408 

3 months ago
Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 45
Here we go, chaps. Got an interesting one here. The web seems quite complex but I think it's one of the biggest rings I've ever come across! Step forward DAME, and his team HITTERS CHOICE. 





I think there could be a few more involved but I can't be sure so I will leave them off the list. Here are a couple of active transfers to click on, if you would be so kind :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read. Cheers!
3 months ago
Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 46
While I'm here, I have two more active transfers from my last but one post. KUKKI KINGS is at it again. Get clicking! :)

3 months ago
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