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Un official tournament

by Sir SC (Angry Black Panther) 13 days ago
Planning to start an unofficial tournement, that will last for 2 days only. 

But will I be able to organise effectively ?

Feeling little bit scared :/

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start bhai
13 days ago
See everyone can start, but its only a true organiser who can complete the same to the satisfaction of everyone. .. thats why bit deceptive and scared...

Will I be able to do ?
13 days ago
SC - Start Karo SC BHAI
13 days ago
Mohammedzubair - Its takes time to decide on the same... Lets see..
13 days ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 5
12 days ago
SC - -_- O.o
12 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 7
SC - Don't bring :p
12 days ago
Mohtshim - It will be a tourney based on India -SA Match for only 1st 2 days...

Prediction contest....
12 days ago
Sorry got bit stuck up this weekend....

But no issues the 4th week is a long holiday week.... will carry forward this contest with all rules that time.
11 days ago
Div IV
JamirH (Divine Warriors) Kolkata # 10
11 days ago
SC n tourneys !! Gud old days
9 days ago
For a moment i thought my childhood is back :P ;) 
9 days ago
I am in
8 days ago

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