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whats in a name season 3

by Sir Raj Sehaj (What's in a name) 4 months ago
WHAT'S IN A NAME TOURNEY SEASON 3: REG OPEN                                                                         

LEVEL 1 - 400 K

LEVEL 2 - 550 K

LEVEL 3 - 750 K

LEVEL 4 - 900 K

LEVEL 5 - 1100 K                                                        LEVEL 6 - 1250 K 
WINNER CLAN 52 CR                                        RUNNER UP CLAN 26 CR
                                                                                 REGISTRATION FEE:
As a leader -- 3 credit
As a member-- 2 credit

                                                                                                                                                           TOURNAMENT FORMAT:

A) There will be 6 clans consisting of 6 teams total 36 teams within each clan.

    B)    Each clan will consist 6 team each from 6   diff TSI CAPS.

    C) Its a pre decided .

    D) Top 4 clans will go to next round and play playoffs.

    E) All clan will play with each other.                                

    Rules and Regulations:

  Bat and Bowl -   BATSMAN AT POSITION 1 TO 5,,NO BATSMAN TO GIVE MORE THAN 6 STARS,,BATSMAN NO 6 TO 11 ANY BATSMAN'S CAN BAT,,FIRST 12 OVERS NO BOWLER TO GIVE MORE THAN 6 STARS,,PP MUST KEEP IT 1 TO  5,,OVER NO 13-20 ANY BOWLER CAN BOWL,(star counts at the end of match)                                                                            Dummy players:Two dummy allowed below 15 and none below 5.              Request should be sent by 9.30 pm and Accept 11.59 pm.                              
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Div IV
SakshamThakur (Beast mode) Chandigarh # 2
L3 m available (minions army)
4 months ago
only predicided bhai
4 months ago
book a clan for me

4 months ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 5
book a clan for me

4 months ago
Book a clan for me
4 months ago
Got 4 clans 1.Noor 2.Laxi 3. Cry Baby and 4. Sanyal.. please give your clan members names.... and we can start as soon as possible
4 months ago
Raj Sehaj - any leader needed team
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
Div VI
AYRUS (DROGON) Guwahati # 11
Raj Sehaj - add me Lvl 1 if anyone needs :D
4 months ago
4 months ago
Div IV
Sir reddysri (channai superkings) Visakhapatnam # 13
take me l2 guys
4 months ago
Div I
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 14
Raj Sehaj - Bro , status of tournament
4 months ago
if anyone need l1 contact me on Whatsapp(9997385722)
4 months ago
Div IV
Sir reddysri (channai superkings) Visakhapatnam # 16
bro me add me
4 months ago
matches  starts from Wednesday
4 months ago

In the rules it says the breach of TSI cap results in bye.

I assume that a bye results if you break any of the other rules as well. So if a batsmen in the top 5 or a bowler in overs 1-12 show 6.5 stars or more at the end of the match - then bye conceded. If PP in overs other than 1-5 or a Loan player is used etc....    any breach of these will concede a BYE also??

Just want to spell it out - in case we get the inevitable 6.5 or 7 star, and the manager complains that it was close, and he THOUGHT it would be 6 stars or less, but the pitch boost and the early overs boost for seamers tipped him over to 6.5 or 7.  So can we all agree ??

4 months ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 19
Neilhowlett - yes bye
4 months ago HPL 9 COMING SOON
3 months ago

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