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whats in a name season 3

by Sir Raj Sehaj (What's in a name) 21 days ago
WHAT'S IN A NAME TOURNEY SEASON 3: REG OPEN                                                                         

LEVEL 1 - 400 K

LEVEL 2 - 550 K

LEVEL 3 - 750 K

LEVEL 4 - 900 K

LEVEL 5 - 1100 K                                                        LEVEL 6 - 1250 K 
WINNER CLAN 52 CR                                        RUNNER UP CLAN 26 CR
                                                                                 REGISTRATION FEE:
As a leader -- 3 credit
As a member-- 2 credit

                                                                                                                                                           TOURNAMENT FORMAT:

A) There will be 6 clans consisting of 6 teams total 36 teams within each clan.

    B)    Each clan will consist 6 team each from 6   diff TSI CAPS.

    C) Its a pre decided .

    D) Top 4 clans will go to next round and play playoffs.

    E) All clan will play with each other.                                

    Rules and Regulations:

  Bat and Bowl -   BATSMAN AT POSITION 1 TO 5,,NO BATSMAN TO GIVE MORE THAN 6 STARS,,BATSMAN NO 6 TO 11 ANY BATSMAN'S CAN BAT,,FIRST 12 OVERS NO BOWLER TO GIVE MORE THAN 6 STARS,,PP MUST KEEP IT 1 TO  5,,OVER NO 13-20 ANY BOWLER CAN BOWL,(star counts at the end of match)                                                                            Dummy players:Two dummy allowed below 15 and none below 5.              Request should be sent by 9.30 pm and Accept 11.59 pm.                              
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Updated at: 13-01-2018

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Div V
SakshamThakur (Beast mode) Chandigarh # 2
L3 m available (minions army)
21 days ago
only predicided bhai
21 days ago
book a clan for me

21 days ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 5
book a clan for me

21 days ago
Book a clan for me
21 days ago
Got 4 clans 1.Noor 2.Laxi 3. Cry Baby and 4. Sanyal.. please give your clan members names.... and we can start as soon as possible
21 days ago
Raj Sehaj - any leader needed team
21 days ago
21 days ago
21 days ago
Div VI
AYRUS (DROGON) Guwahati # 11
Raj Sehaj - add me Lvl 1 if anyone needs :D
20 days ago
20 days ago
Div V
Sir reddysri (channai superkings) Visakhapatnam # 13
take me l2 guys
19 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 14
Raj Sehaj - Bro , status of tournament
16 days ago
if anyone need l1 contact me on Whatsapp(9997385722)
16 days ago
Div V
Sir reddysri (channai superkings) Visakhapatnam # 16
bro me add me
16 days ago
matches  starts from Wednesday
15 days ago

In the rules it says the breach of TSI cap results in bye.

I assume that a bye results if you break any of the other rules as well. So if a batsmen in the top 5 or a bowler in overs 1-12 show 6.5 stars or more at the end of the match - then bye conceded. If PP in overs other than 1-5 or a Loan player is used etc....    any breach of these will concede a BYE also??

Just want to spell it out - in case we get the inevitable 6.5 or 7 star, and the manager complains that it was close, and he THOUGHT it would be 6 stars or less, but the pitch boost and the early overs boost for seamers tipped him over to 6.5 or 7.  So can we all agree ??

14 days ago
Div IV
Sri_Sanyal (Black Riders') Kolkata # 19
Neilhowlett - yes bye
14 days ago HPL 9 COMING SOON
2 days ago

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