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Play offs for league promotion

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 2 months ago
The PREVIOUS League Structure used to promote a team which was on the top of league table at the end of season. As announced during previous season break, the "PLAY OFFS" from current season on wards will happen during the season break.

Teams who finish Top 4 on the league table at the end of current season, will qualify for the "PLAY OFFS". Winning the league will not ensure promotion. Winning the PLAY OFFS will determine which team gets promoted. This will give the TOP 4 teams a shot at the league promotion  but the advantage lies with the higher ranked team in the league as they will be playing on their home pitches. All the details regarding "PLAY OFFS" are given below.

Qualifier 1 and Eliminator matches are scheduled after final league match of the season i.e, Saturday 16.12.2017
Qualifier 2 and FINAL matches are scheduled on Sunday 17.12.2017
League Promotion happens on Monday 18.12.2017

All matches will be played on higher seeded team's home ground. Seeding is done based on league positions after the last league match. 

Play off matches count for experience and achievements.
Winning play off matches will give the  cash reward of half a million for each win.
Winner of play offs gets promoted to higher division.

Note: Update to latest APP version to access Play offs tab on the League page

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Updated at: 09-12-2017

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Neilhowlett - Sir My Another Question is What is Use of Press..?? In Musketeer Coz I'm also using Musketeer And I don't know about that..?
22 days ago
SG PATIL - Press is where you can release news articles. This works on the web - but I think the feature is not on the app. If you have access to the web - you will find press releases on a manager's home page. You can check my home page out where I maintain an Alliance Table.
22 days ago
Neilhowlett - Yes Press feature Is available on app
22 days ago

please let me know where to find on app. I have always used web for this - so never seen it on app.

22 days ago
Shahzaib Khanzada (Khanzada Kings 9567) Karachi, Pakistan # 366
I have joined V11 league today have already lost matches?? how??
22 days ago
Neilhowlett - When we open app Top Right Corner we have Musketeer Icon click there and Musketeer all features are shown on that page and Press option is available there.
21 days ago

hmmmm.. thanks  --- no wonder I have not been using that.  It is rubbish.

The Press releases done on the web are simply unreadable in the app.  Plus - where can anyone on the app see my press releases?? It seems to be a non-functioning feature in app.  I think I will stick with web for press.

21 days ago
Neilhowlett - thanks for the response.. I don't face this problem since the last update
21 days ago
21 days ago
Neilhowlett - Yes Press Feature Is non Functioning In app. Developers Should Get That more realistic Like real Press conference With Manager/Coach And everyOne in Respective Division should see that in app I don't know about web i rarely use the web version.
21 days ago
how to change league...?
20 days ago
Suresh - Can only be done between Mon & Thurs of Season Break week.
20 days ago
Anybody Update New version of app. It fixes The bugs and also main thing that app is not slow now As it was slow first in previous minor UI change.
18 days ago

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