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Alliance World Championship: Schedule, Rewards & Format

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 2 months ago
The Alliance World Championship is all set to kick off on 10th December 2017. Fixtures for the group stages will be out on 7th December 2017. There will be 3 Group stage match days i.e,
Group Stage Match-days:
-Match day 1: 10th December 2017
-Match day 2: 13th December 2017
-Match day 3: 16th December 2017
-Break 17th December to 20th December 2017
Fixtures for the first knockout series will be generated on 21st December 2017.
-Knockout Match 1: 24th December 2017
All knockout matches will be scheduled on Saturdays and Wednesdays till the end of the World Championship.

Rewards[for each alliance]
3rd & 4th place finish-50M each
5th to 8th place finish-20M each
9th to 16th place finish-10M each
Alliances having teams which are new to the game will have separate rewards. The criteria will be announced shortly on FB and HW forum. So keep an eye out on the forums to plan your alliance member composition accordingly. ;)
Note: All rewards are distributed evenly among the Alliance members.
Total rewards: 500M & more.

Group Stage
-All Alliances with at least 9 members will be automatically registered for the world championship.
-Each alliance will face off against another alliance in the same group one time (Series) during the group stage.
-Top 2 Alliances advance to the knockout stage.
-Team 1 to 9 are automatically picked based on the team strength, i.e, aggregate sum of bat and ball strength.
-The 10th team (even if available) will not play any match
-All match days are on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 pm
-Sporting pitch for all matches.
-If an alliance has less than 9 teams, the empty slot match will be automatically counted as win for the opponent team.
Knockout Stage
-Group winner[NRR] and Runner Up [NRR] will determine the ranking for the knockouts.
-Single elimination format.

Alliance Lock
-Teams cannot join, leave or get kicked once Group or Knockouts stage start.
-Teams cannot participate in the normal Alliance squad series during the Alliance World Cup.
-There will be a break for 4 days in between the Alliance group and knock out stage. During this period, the Alliance Lock is removed for qualified alliances to strengthen themselves.

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Updated at: 28-12-2017

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i need a alliance
19 days ago
How to join a alliance
18 days ago
Div VI
Rahil (VODARTO 12) Allahabad, India # 265
i need only one and strong team for my alliance NAMED CHAMPION FACTORY who think they r strong then send me request i have to see how strong they was
18 days ago
Subhajit Dey -   join this alliance
18 days ago
Div VI
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 267
Is there any way of finding out who is left in the Alliance World Cup? Cheers!
18 days ago
Usama jutt
17 days ago
17 days ago
can our alliance join now
16 days ago
16 days ago
Can I join an Alliance
15 days ago
Roshanjangir (Roshan Royals) Amravati # 273
Subhajit Dey - search royals premier league n join
12 days ago
i need a alliance
11 days ago
Div II
Sir Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 275
Soulcollector - Amazing tournament , enjoying because our alliance still in :)
8 days ago
Div VI
Musheer (Musheer Meteors) new Delhi # 276
how can i join
7 days ago
Naman Verma (Up Kings 7382) Meerut # 277
add our alliance

6 days ago
23 Stars Very Cheap Price.......... Mohammad Danishcheema 28 yrs 40 days old, Right-hand batsman, Left-arm fast bowler Cheema Bai 27 yrs 65 days old, Right-hand batsman, Right-arm fast bowler
5 days ago
Div IV
Sir Parvez (Dandeli Tigers) Bangalore # 279
My Alliance just revamped their teams and i was removed from it after the round of 8.
WIll i receive the Winning amount or not? 
4 days ago
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