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U20 team update. deregistered and try to register failed

by Jammy (Jammy Jolts 9539) 9 months ago
please help and let my U20 players in league. need help

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Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 1
I'm afraid that isn't possible. You need to do your research before you sign up to anything in this game and even then things can happen that you don't expect. 
9 months ago
Yes it was by mistake.. I wanted to register few folks in place of some of them already registerd... if u can help in anyways would be appreciated
9 months ago
Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 3
Once the deadline has passed then your players are locked into the U20 cup. I played last year and even after I was knocked out my players didnt become available again for a few days. Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that's my experience.
9 months ago

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