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Game balance update

by Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 10 months ago

Aggression meter and Batting Lineup for the 2nd innings

  • You can now use the Aggression meter settings for 2nd innings as well.
  • You can set different lineups for batting first and batting second on your app and web for all kinds of matches.
L-R Disruption
  • Left-right disruption will now be in effect as long as a left and right hand batsman are on the crease. However, the effect will be slightly reduced to balance the change.
  • Sporting Pitch will now boost Batting by 3%.

League Promotion Changes

Promotion will be based on Playoffs between the Top 4 teams in every League between Div II to VII. Which mean, Teams at the top of their league tables will not be automatically promoted, they still have to win the playoffs. 

Playoffs format:

  • Qualifier 1 – First placed teams in the League vs Second 
  • Eliminator – Third vs Fourth 
  • Qualifier 2 – Loser of Qualifier 1 vs Winner of Eliminator 
  • Final – Winner of Qualifier 1 vs Winner of Qualifier 2

The Winner of the Final is promoted to the next division.

The Pitch for all matches will be the Home pitch of the higher ranked Team.

This update will make leagues more competitive for teams regardless of what position they are mid-way through the season. The format is used in Hitwicket Tournaments as well as by IPL itself. If you’re not in direct contention for the league title, you no longer have to give up on promotion - instead fight to get into the top 4 for a chance at being promoted. 

If you’re on top, you go into the playoffs with more room for mistakes, starting off with a qualifier instead of an eliminator, and every match is played on your home pitch.

Good Luck!


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Updated at: 10-10-2017

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in new update back button can't work
9 months ago
Div V
Vijet Bhat (MIGHTY CLASHERS) Bangalore # 63
Neilhowlett - i will wait for update. remember not everyone will get the update at the same time. someone will get earlier others will get other. I am not arguing. maybe you got the version in which am has implemented while others have yet to receive update.
9 months ago
Vijet Bhat -

What do you mean "people will get updates earlier than others"??

Surely you get the update when you download the new version from Google Playstore ?

I also updated yesterday - that gave batting 2nd line-up, but no AM feature on the mobile App. Then when I checked this morning - there was a new update just 20 hours later - which gave the AM settings for batting 2nd. I'm pretty sure if you update you will get the new feature.

9 months ago
Div V
Vijet Bhat (MIGHTY CLASHERS) Bangalore # 65
Neilhowlett - updates from playstore depends on phone and android version. i only got update just now when i checked in play store.  i checked one hour back there was no update in google play.  
9 months ago
Div II
Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 66
Soulcollector - Qualifier is point of concern for many
9 months ago
Div V
Sir FenRam (The Makeweights) Chiang Mai # 67
Mohtshim - I don't mind it for the time being because now I can win the league, claim the prize money and still avoid promotion! Happy days!
9 months ago
Vijet Bhat -

Apple ios has some hours delay as they have to receive the new version and then male it available through their own private gateway. That is why we refer to 2 different Apps -- Android & ios. Same for paying for good - there is frequently a lag between payment and receiving the items

I assumed ios users would be aware of the delay, and cater my general advice to Android users for simplicity.

9 months ago

Yes - those wanting to get promoted can reduce their salary and pile on ridiculous teams just for the finals. Those wanting to avoid promotion can play hard through the season and retain their fans and bank balances - then fight for the worst team in the final to avoid promotion.

I think the finals may become a bit of a farce in some leagues.

9 months ago
Div V
Vijet Bhat (MIGHTY CLASHERS) Bangalore # 70
Soulcollector - in hitwicket app please remove the restriction of filling slots in squad A and squad B before any slot can be taken in squad C. please remember not everyone is accessing hitwicket on web and there is no restriction of filling slots in squad A and squad B before a slot can be taken a squad C.                                                                                                                   because of this restriction i have to wait till all slots of squad A and squad B are filled before a slot can be taken in squad C if you don't have access to a laptop.
9 months ago
Div VI
Faraz Khan (Pakistan 11) karachi # 71
 Hitwicket Immortals an active alliance need some members you thoroughly enjoy every moment of it few slots remaining interesting people send request 
9 months ago
Mani (Mani Magnificants 2670) kakinada # 73
now league matches became more interesting... thank u hitwicket
9 months ago
Soulcollector - are these all implemented or any change will take place 
9 months ago
9 months ago
Just a doubt when will the playoffs will take place ?
Should we expect a increase in days/weeks in a season due to introduction of playoff ?
Or will they take place in fast forward motion after last league match just to keep the number of days ( 70 per season) constant
9 months ago
Div V
Rakesh Puthran (RVP XI) Hyderabad # 77
LORD HITLER - I had asked the same question long ago and one of the HCC told me it will happen during the season break after league matches end.

9 months ago
Div II
Mohtshim (Legendary Tales) Gujranwala # 78
Soulcollector - Please update alliance system fully , waiting for alliance update. Sorry for posting here but alliance post is closed
9 months ago
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