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by Sir Noor Mohd (black ice xi) 11 days ago
N-RAYS presenting the 2nd season of We Are Bad
Noor's birthday special


Organisers : 

 Murali ram(Sa13)
 Akshay(Dream killerrsss) 

 Shourav sarkar(Sr star) 

 Noor(Black ice xi) 

Our beloved sponsors: 
 SIR PUNEET(Delhi daredevils xi)-5cr
 SIR LAXMAN(Krishvi)-5cr
 SIR SWAROOP(Ravage)-10cr
 SIR JITU(Pesadilla)-15cr
 SIR AKSHAY(Dream killerrsss)-20cr
 NOOR(Black ice xi)-20cr
 SIR ZUBAIR(mighty midget kickers)-5cr

Special thanks to each one of them <3 
More sponsors are welcome :p 

Tournament format- 

1)we need minimum of 8 clans & no limit for max.clans will be divided in two groups 
2)Each clan will consist of 6 members including leader 
3)each clan will play one home and away series with other clans 
4) top 2 clans from each group plays next round(IPL like fixture in round 2) (toss decides match types) 


 1)there will be different rules to play matches 
 2)leader will decide which rule he wants to give to which team according to the team strength.  
3)default pitch is full boost 110-110-110 except for batty(110-90-90) & bowlers game(100-110-110)
4)all matches must b played 1 cr bet match..  
5)loan & block card available. 
6)Dummy rules will be applicable except for batty match 
Dummy rule- only 2 players btn 5k-15k allowed & no player below 5k
7)you have to maintain ur lower and max tsi limits. 
8)Organisers decision will b final in case of any issue-Don't forget this ;-) 
9) leaders are responsible for checking any breach in rules and giving match links before 1 pm on next day 


To send:-9pm 
To Accept:-11:59pm 
To declare match types:-2pm match day
To declare cards:-3pm match day

If home team fails to declare match types within deadline then -4 points will be added to the home clan & no extra points to away clan

Registration Fees:- 

Leader fee -4cr+1cr(bye deposit) 
Member fee -2cr+1cr(bye deposit)

Transfer reg fee here:-

Noor(Black ice xi) 

Tsi levels:-

1)L1 -400k 
2)L2 -550k 
3)L3 -700k 
4)L4 -850k 
5)L5 -1000k

 << rules to play>> 

1.Home side leader will choose any of these rules to play against opponent clan. 
2.A rule cant be used twice in a series.
3.leader have to chose 5 different rules for 5 teams and one normal game is mandatory.


1)non pp runs,runs scored without pp overs will b counted only.
pitch :110-110-110 

2)batty game -No bowler to give more than 5 stars (stars should b counted at the end of the match.only 5 bowlers should be used.
pitch :110-90-90 

 3)bat and bowl,batsman at position 1 to batsman to give more than 6 stars,batsman no 6 to 10 any batsman's can bat.first 10 overs no bowler to give more than 6 stars,pp must keep it 1 to 5,over no 11-20 any bowler can bowl,(star counts at the end of match) 
pitch :110-110-110 

4)bowler game,batsman at position 1 to 7 no more than 10 stars,after that any batsman can bat, power play must b taken from 1-5 , Any star bowler can bowl. 
pitch :100-110-110 

5)even stevens:-only even overs run counts,,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18, even overs no bowler to give more than 10 stars.
pitch :110-110-110 

6) normal game 
pitch :110-110-110 

7)boundary match:- only 4's & 6's runs will be counted(byes won't be considered)
pitch :110-110-110

8)Striker:-highest strike rate by an individual player(he must have faced 10 or more than 10 balls)
pitch :110-110-110

9)Economy-bowler with best economy(he must have bowled atleast 2 overs)
pitch :110-110-110

point system:-

1)wining by rule =3 pts
2)won match but Tie by rule-2pts to match winner
3)win by rule but match tied-3pts to the team who won by rule
4)tie by rule & match also tied-3pts to both of them 

Now about the cards:- 

Loan card:- 
If a clan score 1000 runs in a series then they will get 1 loan card 

Block card:-
If a clan pick 40 wickets in a series then they will get 1 block card 

Initially 1 loan and 1 block card will be available for every clan

Maximum 2 loan & 2 block cards can be used in a series 

Only 1 card can be used in a single match

Cards will be available only in group stages .

Cards can be used by both teams & loan player cannot be blocked

Loan limit:-




***What will happen to achievement runs & wkts if bye is claimed in any of the match???***

 Case 1:- if match is played & opponent break rule then runs & wkts will be considered for you

 Case 2:- if match is played & you break rule then runs & wkts will not be considered for you

 Case 3:- If opponent didn't send request or received request then following runs & wkts will be added to the team who got bye

batty match :- 300 runs & 1Wkt

Bat & Ball:- 170 runs & 7 wkts

Non-pp ,Even-Steven,Bowlers game,Striker,Economy,Boundary & Normal :-
L1-180runs & 4 wkts
L2-160runs & 5 wkts
L3-160runs & 6wkts
L4-140runs & 7 wkts
L5-120 runs & 8wkts
L6-100 runs & 9 wkts



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Add me also in tournament
1 days ago
Noor Mohd - Noor... Tourney almost over...

Yes... u were right...

Oops.. sorry. I don't wanna speak abt issue anymore.. surely it will lead to break our friendship..

U r one of my best pal... So we play Tie Breaker as i gave word to murali yesterday..

But keep ur words same like what am doing now in upcoming tourneys...

Thank you..

Get the reg fees from my clan mates... Ignoring is also one type avoiding my clan for play offs..

1 days ago
Guna Seelan - Thnx muthuji....

btw we didn't ignore anyone but just to avoid choas on forum we didn't reply to all of them as they were saying same thing again & again even after we decided to go with tie breaker.

Guys Pls don't post anything related to this issue now.

Sorry guys....enjoy diwali

1 days ago
1 days ago
1 days ago
Ok ok ok ok
1 days ago
1 days ago
Noor Mohd - make all rules first then start tournament in future
1 days ago
L1 - Normal
L2 - Non PP
L3 - batty
L4 - boundary
L5 - Bowlers
L6 - Even Steven
9 hours ago
Sir Sourajeet Mohanty (Sourajeet XI) Bhubaneshwar # 352
*Tacticals vs Vipers* L1 Even Stevens L2 Non PP L3 Normal L4 Boundaries L5 Bat and bowl L6 Batty
9 hours ago
The invisible (H) v/s Black ninjas L1- batty L2 - Bat and Ball L3 - non pp L4- economy L5- even stevens L6 - normal
8 hours ago
Sourajeet Mohanty Noor Mohd - *Viper's vs Tactical*

L1 Normal
L2 Bat and Ball
L3 Batty
L4 Even stevens
L5 Non PP
L6 Bowlers
8 hours ago
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