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Challengers Cup[Season-1]

by Lucifer02 (DELHI DYNAMITES XI) 10 months ago
Hi everyone I Lucifer02 owner of this tournament named "Challenger's Cup". 
Organizer: Lucifer02 
Sponsors are welcome. 
If you want to test your team's strength. 
Then there's no any place better than this. 
 Read Instructions Carefully Please. 
 Inactive managers will be disqualified. So be attentive and read all updated posts. 
1. Every one can play this tournament. No SI limit.Loan player allowed 
2. Participants will play friendly matches. 
 3. There will be 1st round of group matches which is also called "round robin match". 
 4. There will be 2 groups containing 8 teams each. 
 5. Top 4 teams of each group will be qualified for 2nd round. 
6. Each team in the group will play 2 matches home and away.Total matches 14. 
 7. 2 points will be awarded for winning 1 match, and for tie 1 point. 
 8. If by chance 4th and 5th place teams in a group having same points then I will calculate the total runs of two matches played between those two teams , the 1 team which is having most runs than the other 1 in a group will be qualified for the next round. 
 9. 2nd round will be knockout round between 8 teams. 
 10. In knockout round the 4 losing teams will be out of this Tournament and the other 4 teams will be qualified for 3rd round{Semi- Finals}. 
 11. Now here the interesting part is. In semi finals the teams will play 2 matches Home match and Away match. The winning team will be qualified for "Finals". In finals there will be 1 match. Team having more runs scored in Semi-Finals will challenge and play home match. 
 If any more queries.
 Ping me Here: ; 
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HIGHFLYER (empire) Chandigarh # 24
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