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T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 1) Free Free Free

by Apu Jack (As Stars) 10 months ago
This tournament Is Free, Free, Free.. No entry Fee.. This is tournament only For Division 7 and 8 Players. Under Those Division Anyone can play this Tournament. This tournament only for fun and keep making new friends.. Organiser : Apu Jack (As Stars) Sponsor : Royal Tuskers Kerala (Abhi Lash). Tournament starts : 17th October. Join Deadline : Closed. Group Match : 17th October, 24th October, 31th October, 7th November and 14th November. Super 8 MAtch : 21th November, 28th November, 05th December and 11th December. Semi- Final Match : 19th December. Final Match: 26th December. 3rd place Match: 26th December. Prizes : Winner : 11 Credits. Runner-up : 5 Credits. 3rd Place : 2 Credits. 4rth Place : 1 Credit. Best batsmen(Orange Cap) : 1 Credit. Best Bowler(Purple Cap) : 1 Credit. Special Prize : 1. Winner will be play 3 match series with me.. If he won i will give him one credit.. (this is only for fun). 2. Semi-finalist manager will be have some benefit in next season in this tournament. Rules : 1. Only 24 players Will be play this tournament. 2. All match will be held in Friendly Match. 3. All members will be have what's app number or facebook or Email id... Bcz, It will be easy connected with each other.. 4. For join this tournament at 1st drop email id or what's app number in comment, then request for join. 5. Sponsors are welcome. 6. Organiser have power to remove any team in tournament. Organisers decisions is last decisions. 7. Everybody have to maintain these rules and Respect each other in the torunament. 8. All members will be active. If i notice any member don't active and don't maintain roles, Then this team will be remove.. This rules is very necessary for this tournament. 9. No loan player. 10. Everyone Manager Will be give their match Id in time.. 11. If any one DON'T ACCEPT FRIENDLY CHALLENGE REQUEST in time or already BOOKED For another match, Then opposition team will declare WINNER. Playing rules : 1. At 1st equal team will be divided in 4 groups. Every team have to play 1 match each manager in each group. 2. top 2 team form each groups will be qualified for Top 8. 3. In Top 8, equal team will devided in 2 groups. 4. Then top 4(2 team From each groups) will be qualified for semi-final matchs. 5. At last Final will be held in Last 2 teams. Point Table rules : 1. In Group, For winning Match, Winning Team will get 2 points. Losing Will get 0 points.. 2. If in Group, teams point is tie. Then i will check Their net run rate, total runs, Wicket taken and Boundaries.. Then i will decided winner. 3. In super 8, Point will not depanding for winning match.. It will depend on Players point. (I will Update full details about it later). Super 8 Group Rules: 1. In Super 8, 8 teams will divide in 2 Groups; 4 team each. 2. In each Group, 4 team will come from every Groups. 3. In Super 8, Group A teams will fight Groups B teams. This is Group vs Group Fight. 4. WInning Gropus will go in Semi-Final. 5. Group winner decide by team winning match total points. 6. In each Group, every team have 4 match. 7. In every win, team will get 2 Points. 8. Team Skill limit: Batting 80 stars and Bowling 80 stars in selecting match line-up. Every team have to maintain these skill limit line-up. If any one broke this rules, he will get -50 points. Semi-Final to FINAL MATCHES RULES: 1. Form now, Winning a match decided by Selected Players Points. 2. Every manager have to give match id and playing XI in Monday. if any team don’t provide match id and playing XI in Monday, he will get -5 points. 3. If any one broke any rules, he will get -10 points. 4. Team Skill limit: Batting 80 stars and Bowling 80 stars in selecting match line-up. Every team have to maintain these skill limit line-up. If any one broke this rules, he will get -15 points. 5. How to win Matches: i. Only match points will decide winner, if a match points is equal then winner is decide by winning match. ii. If a manager can’t send a match request or booked for another friendly match, then opponent team will win the match. iii. Points will be given on selected Players only. 6. Players Selection: i. In every match, you can select only 4 players of your team, that is your playing XI, not the 11 players. Points will given on these 4 players only. ii. In your Playing XI, you have to choose minimum 1 batsman or 1 bowler must. Or possible 1 bowler and 1 all-rounder or 2 all-rounder. iii. The bowler and all-rounder will selected for bowled 4 overs each must. or else bowler bowling point will not count in match point. iv. You have to choose 1 player in playing XI for your team “CAPTAIN”. v. Choose wicket keeper is not essential in playing XI. vi. You can change your playing XI in every week. vii. Everyone have to submit his playing XI after the match fix. 7. POINTING SYSTEM: BATSMENS POINTS: i. If a batsmen scores 1-10 runs, he get 1 point. 11-20 runs, he get 2 points and so on. ii. If a batsmen gets a 50, then a bonus point of 2 and if he scores 100, then a bonus point of 5 and if he scores 150, then a bonus point 7 will be given. iii. If a batsmen out on “DUCK”, a negative of -3 will be given. BOWLERS POINTS: iv. If a bowlers take 1 wicket, he get 1 point. 2 wicket, he get 2 points and so on. v. If a bowler take 4 wicket then a bonus point of 2 and he take 5 wickets, then a bonus point of 4 and he take 6 or more wickets, then a bonus point of 7 will be given. vi. If a bowler give more then 10 runs per over in match, then -1 point per over will be given. Unfinished overs will not be calculated. WICKET KEEPER POINTS: vii. If a wicket keeper take a stumping, he get 1.5 points. if he take more than 3 stumping, he get a bonus points of 3. Viii. If a wicket keeper take a catch, he get 1 points. If he take more then 3 catch, he get a bonus point of 2. CAPTAIN POINTS: ix. There will be 2x points for a captain. Team name : 1. As Stars. 2. Black Night 9061 3. Chandan Lions king 4. Dkt Devils 2300 5. Haryana Fighters 6. Heros of Mumbai 7. Hurricane Eleven 8. Kb Star 9. King Kanpur 26 10. Lahore Badhshash 11. Mahboub Megatrons 12. Mansoori Cabet 13. Mumbai Indian 1120 14. Chandigarh Bulls 3 15. Master Blasters 16. CCOD 17. Rcb vs Csk 18. Rocker's 7285 19. Royal Tuskers Kerala 20. Sonauj Superkings 21. Sunshine Superstars XI 22. Varun Blasters 2175 23. Virat Don. 24. World Winner India. . Keep Playing Hitwicket.

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Updated at: 30-09-2017

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Div V
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 262
Subhradeep Misra - yes bro.i need 1 points to bowler give me -3. hahaha
7 months ago
+923475812529 add me
7 months ago
Div V
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 264
prizes is given.pls check ur profile.
7 months ago
Div V
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 265
In Season 1, Best Batsman - J. Hannah (Masters Blasters) - 482 Runs In 10 Match Best Bowler - D. Bafna (As Stars) - 23 Wickets Highest Team Run - 318/0 (Rcb vs Csk) Lowest team run - 6/10 (King Kanpur 26) highest Catch - 8 - A. Saab ( Chandan Lions King) Highest Six - 28 - S. Madavagandla (Rcb vs Csk) Highest Four - 43 - A. Nafees (As Stars) Super Entertaining Match - Kb Stars(159/10) vs Chandan Kings Lions(161/10). Highest Hat trick in Tournament - 2 hat trick - D. Bafna (As Stars)
7 months ago
Rina Ray (KING kanpur26) Dehra Dun, India # 266
7 months ago
Div V
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 267
pls comment in season 2 forum. this forum is season - 1. it is closed
7 months ago
This is the match ID 31934840 Okay, so if anyone can tell me that how a 12 star batsman survives against a 17 star bowler but whereas a 11star batsman collapses against a 11.5 state bowler. This is exactly what happened in this match( the openers of Asher avengers were with maestro traits) so apparently they not only survived against my 16stars(average of my bowling attack) bowlers they also managed to score great runs. The thing to note is at the death overs too. The batsman was 15.5 stars and my bowler was 17 star still he scores freely in super aggression and no wicket falls. But when it comes to my batting.. all my batsman collapse even when in neutral aggression! No runs scored but just wickets fallen. Against a bowling attack(avg 11 stars ) not very strong than my batting(avg 10 stars). As soon as my stance goes to aggression wickets tumble and hardly a few boundaries ! But in their case it was just boundries(even when my bowlers were far higher star rated than their batsman) And this happens in the play off finals! Like seriously? If u guys want just Musketeers to win just tell us in advance and we won’t bother about playing the league so religiously! This happens just because he is a Musketeers and you don’t want him to loose? It’s clearly cheating.. PS: I was number 1 in league and he number 4. Really disappointed with Hitwicket!! It’s okay to give Musketeers the extra features, but cheating like this and all probabilities going just their way is not the way to do it.. I don’t accept such cheating and I don’t care if u guys block my account! If u guys really have even 1% honestly and FairPlay in you I expect a decent reply to this mail! Asher avengers( my opponent and your favourite Musketeer) doesn’t deserve to play higher division just because he is a Musketeer! Yours outrageously, An ex Hitwicket fan!
5 months ago
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10 months ago: Apu Jack (As Stars) changed the Title from 'T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 1) Free Free Free (10 slot left)' to 'T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 1) Free Free Free'.
10 months ago: Apu Jack (As Stars) changed the Title from 'T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 1) Free Free Free' to 'T20 Friendly Tournament (Season - 1) Free Free Free (10 slot left)'.
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