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World Cup 2017

by Omkar Mahangare (Indian Blasters 8909) 26 days ago
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Each clan having one leader, one deputy and four members. 
 Matches will be played on Tuesdays. Each clan will face other twice, once at home and once away. 

If the Challenge is Not accepted , then the team which had send challenge will win

 Leader (Clan have right to change leader) will play against Leader, Deputy (elected by clan or leader) will play Deputy, Home team members can select away team members as opponents on their choice. 

Most Valuable Player
godsaibaba - saibabapoojary-5000 pts
Harshavardhan Chougul - Maxy Blaster's-4899 pts
Albertus Roodt - Brits Renegades-4700 pts

Points Table
No.        Clan                                Mts       Win      Lose     Tie      Pts      Net Runrate
   1        Shield                                                                                                                                  
   2        New Day                                                                                                                          
   3        Destroyers                                                                                                                        
   4       Usos                                                                                                                                        
   5       Super Strikers                                                                                                                         
   6       Heroes                                                                                                                                                

Pints Distribution :
2 Point - Each player will get  Point when he will win
1 Point - Tie

1] THE SHIELD                                                                                       Mts       Win      Lose     Tie      
Leader- Omkar Mahangare - Indian Blasters
Deputy-Harshavardhan Chougul - Maxy Blaster's
Elder-Koreshkumarpraharaj - Kreezy Boyes                          1                             1             
Member-1]Anilkumar -NO 1 Loosers
2]Chandan - Chandan Lions King
3] M B R - Rana Bro

2] New Day                                                                                             Mts       Win      Lose     Tie       
Leader- Shubham Mahangare - Mumbai Indians
Deputy- Albertus Roodt - Brits Renegades
Elder-Varun Tripathi - robert                                                           1             1
Member-1]Piyush Thalwal - Royal piyush challenger
2] Dilshan - Sinba Sports Club
3]Tushar Gupta- Jaipur Rhinos

3] THE DESTROYERS                                                                            Mts       Win      Lose     Tie      
Leader- Sanskar Yadav - Sanzkarians
Deputy-Shambo - Shambo Superheros
Elder-Rina Ray -  King Kanpur                                                           1             1
Member-1]Vedi - Indian Cheetah's
2]Krish - Krish Warriors
3] Bijil - Islamabad United

4] THE USOS                                                                                             Mts       Win      Lose     Tie     
Leader- Sharad Rajput - Rising Supergiants
Deputy-Ajay Raj Sharma - Sunshine Superstars XI
Elder-Jaison Thomachan - Kerala Blasters                                 1                            1
Member-1] Raje - Raje Riders
2]Dhawan Gupta - Dark Alliance
3] Armaan - Chattishgarh Risers

5] Super Strikers                                                                                   Mts       Win      Lose     Tie   
Leader- Bavasaraj  Thakkannav - Rocky XI
Deputy-Sonanuj - Sonanuj Superkings
Elder-Dany Sing - Virat don
Member-1]Aashu - Tezz cheetah's                                                 1              1
2] Rajesh jec89 - Rocker's
3]Bunny Hawkeyes                                                                                 1             1

6]  THE HEROES                                                                                      Mts       Win      Lose     Tie   
Leader-Master Tanmay - India
Deputy-godsaibaba - saibabapoojary
Elder-Arslan Khawaja - Lahore Qualandars
Member - 1] Faisal Ali - faisal ali                                                       1                            1
2] Manojkumar - Royal Heroes
3] Rezwan - Bengal Tigers                                                                   1                            1

Matches will be
Leader v/s Leader
Deputy v/s Deputy
Elder v/s Elder
Member 1 v/s Member 1
Member 2 v/s Member 2
Member 3 v/s Member 3


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Updated at: 17-10-2017

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Bunny - Ok on Saturday I am going to update it then I will declare it as a tie ok
1 days ago
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