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World Cup 2017

by Omkar Mahangare (Indian Blasters 8909) 10 months ago

Most Valuable Player
godsaibaba - saibabapoojary-5000 pts
Harshavardhan Chougul - Maxy Blaster's-4899 pts
Albertus Roodt - Brits Renegades-4700 pts


The Destruction v/s New Day [Winner]

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Fastest 50

1] V. Balajee [23 Balls]
Indian Blasters

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Indian Blasters

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Mumbai Indians

Highest Runs Partnership (ANY Wicket) 1] Wic-4D. Watson and R. Kapoor Mumbai Indians

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godsaibaba - Saibabapoojary you are the new Leader of Heroes
9 months ago
same here online ...played one match after no response from the team I had match further..
9 months ago
after that*
9 months ago
Vedi and Ashu are new Leaders of their Clan
9 months ago
same here..played one match but in second no response that's y haven't played further matches
9 months ago
Omkar Mahangare - challenge accept nahi kara hai ...super striker leader

9 months ago
kaun Hai Bhai leader mjhe to pta hee nahi Hai
9 months ago
I think I was not aware ..that here matches to be played r immediately
9 months ago
Omkar Mahangare -
9 months ago My 4th win Match
9 months ago
Due to many Player are not online
So we are Directly Playing Finals
The Final Teams are :
The Shield And New Day
Team Shield
Leader-Omkar Mahangare
Deputy - Harshavardhan Chougul
Member - Ashu - Tezz Cheetah

Team New Day :
Leader-Shubham  Mahangare
Deputy - Albertus Roodt
Member - saibabapoojary

Finals are on this Tuesday

Best OF Luck
8 months ago
Omkar Mahangare -
8 months ago
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