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short tourney 350k

by wrestler (K A A L A) 5 months ago
Murali's tourney back again for upto 350k Tsi level teams only in knockout format. Teams, available for next 48 hours are welcome to participate. .  #Prizes :  Champion- 10c  Runner up- 6c . #Tourney Format :  *Knockout  *8 teams #Rules :  1.All matches will be 1c normal bet match.  2.Pitch- All boost 110 110 110  3.Loan Not Allowed. 4-No dummy rule for 350k 5.Winning team will be responsible to post the match link in the forum. .  6.Orgy will make the final decision in case of any confusion.  7.Fixture will be made by using fixture app & video will be shared on don't expect 1 vs 8 or something like that ;-) 8.Semifinal fixture 1 vs 4 2 vs 3 #Reg fee : 2c  Registered teams: 1. flying starZ 2. demolition boys 3. channai super Kings 4. Santi digglers 5. the mighty morphin 6. dream killlerss 7. royal challengers 8. k a a l a 9. the immortals 10. city stalkers 11. dashing riders 12. the mighty midgets

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deadline 10 pm
5 months ago
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