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Triumph the Trump - season 5

by Muthuu (Kawin CC) 16 days ago

(Season 5)
Manage The Trump To Win The Cup

We dedicate this Tourney to our Late Dr.Phaneendra Kanagala
>> Muthu (Manager of Kawin cc)
>> Jawahar (Manager of Yorking)
              >> Sankhanil (Manager of Crash Thrash)
       >> Sash(Manager of Herculean Triumphant)
         >> Param (Manager of Punjabi Power)
>> Meeran (Manager of Hwf cc)
>> Swappy (Manager of Ravage)
      >> Pritam (Manager of Dashing Rider)
             >> Sagnik (Manager of madridista sagnik)
   >> Avinash (Manager of City Stalkers)

>> ALI Mujitabha (Rising 11)

  1. Registration will start tonight and will end by next Thursday 8 pm.
  2. Owners are requested to give the credits to the management.
  3.   Franchise Price + 50 Credits
  4. And also Declare the Marque team before Thursday 8 pm ( 14th Sep 2017 )
  5. One Good news is that we are making Marquee team price for free , so no need to give extra credits for that...
  6. We are taking 2 credits as registration fees from the Managers and the credits collected will be given back to the owner , once all matches are played by the Franchise and no unintentional byes are Given...
  7. So around 18 credits will be kept as deposits and will be given back Later...

There will be an additional level L8 based on selected 11 players from playing 7..Details will be shared later
For the 7 levels franchise have to buy 10 teams , and will be having 2 teams in 3 levels and all Teams should play minimum 5 matches

Transfer credits to any of the Orgies below before
8 Pm

Auction will be on
Saturday 9-11 pm
Sunday 10- 11 pm
Monday 10-11 pm

No Tsi increment will be given before tourney starts...
So take team accordingly and Matches will start with the mentioned TSI only....

Marquee player Concept
Can be of any level , can be anyone with mutual consent...
Price will vary level wise , more higher level u buy more will be the price ( in credits )

Concept of Uncapped Teams
a) Owner himself irrespective of level can be uncapped
b) L1 and L2 a team can play as uncapped

Uncapped team price will be deducted from the 50 credits @ base price of that level if he is in L1 or L2 , if the owner wants to play as uncapped and he is not in L1 or L2 , base price + 1 credits For L3 +2 for L4 +3 for L5 +4 for L6 and + 5 for L7 will be deducted from total of
50 credits

Level 1: 350K-450K
 Level 2: 451K-550K
Level 3: 551K-700K
Level 4: 701K-850K
 Level 5: 851K-1000K
    Level 6: 1001K-1150K
     Level 7: 1151K-1300K 


There will be Trump player and Trump Card concept, details will be given in forum once registration opens...

There will a fantasy contest and fair play contest going along with the tourney....

Further Rules and Regulations will be updated soon. Stay Tuned....!!!!!! Regards TTT Management⁠⁠⁠

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Updated at: 18-09-2017

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Div V
Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 60
Great going guys, glad to see this tournament taking wings!! Team with the highest wins in this tournament will receive 10 credits from us.
13 days ago
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Hyderabad stalkers Playing L2 will be Akshay
22 hours ago
Muthuu sankhanil17 - CSKR Playing 7
L1 Max 465 Demolition Boys
L2 Max 565 AxeHunter XI
L4 Max 865 Lucky Rao
L5 Max 1015 Street fighter
L6 Max 1165 The arrow returns
L7 Max 1315 Blasteroids
22 hours ago
Sir Sourajeet Mohanty (Sourajeet XI) Bhubaneshwar # 304
*GL Playing 7 for 26th* *L1:* VK Warriors 6013 *L2:* Sonu tigers *L3:* Black ice xi *L4:* Rising Dragons *L5:* Soumyajeet XI *L6:* Sourajeet XI *L7:* Chinmaykegyarah
18 hours ago
Kolkata playing 7 for today L1:Militant Mavericks L2:I am smarticus L3:Roar of a lion L4:Raging Mustangs cc L5:Vipers 27 L6:Legendary tales L7:Wings
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
8 hours ago
40 minutes ago
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