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Official KFC Big Bash League 2017 Season 5

by haku kale dai (Abiral XI) 9 months ago
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 Total 64 Teams 

 Format: Knock Out (Matches based on Tuesday friendly matches) 

 Organizer: haku kale dai Abiral XI 

 Qualification: First come First basis (To register, comment on this forum) Only 

 Start Dates: 19th September 2017

1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S Deepa Rastogi POWER PUFF GIRLS 8918
2.Nishil Strikers 735 V/S Bhavin Bhavin Bravehearts
3.Vector X Invisible Eleven V/S Criket Australia nepal ko keta
4.Manin Divanji RC Bangalore V/S Sehaj Faridabad Royal
5.JojoBrutal Xi 681 V/S Dlogesh LD KINGS
6.dimak lagha pasa kathmandu 11 V/S Praveendeva POP X1
7.Munna Munna Megatrons 2516 V/S Hari Game Fighter's
8.Shyam Lakshmanan Shyam Super Stars V/S Ahan Salehin Kushtia Sixer City 
9.kathmandu pokhara nepal 2194 V/S Vicky Sharma Faridabad ROYALS
10.Anusmaya Anusmaya Axes V/S Sharath Mighty warriors 5840
11.Anuj Chakravarty ASSAM SUPER RHINO V/S Rahul Rahul Riders 6069
12.sup bro Nepalese Tiger V/S Saswat The Invincibles 3076
13.Rajesh RSHA RSHA V/S Gurmeet Singh Singh XI Sethi
14.SUPREME D The Supreme Debians V/S Tarock N avi ALIENS
15.aussie 21 supsup V/S ardik chhabra Dark Storms
17.Udit12933 THE DEATHLY XI V/S Manoj Kumar The Matrix 
18.SOURAV SINHA Draft King V/S Emperor Ajit 11 EMPERORS
20.Gurbhagat_Sandhu Blackberry's V/S Rohit Kerala Rising Stars
21.Soumadip_roy royals roy V/S SRIVASTAVA THE SNAKE EYE'S
22.Rajiv Arya Roman Worriers V/S Vampire THE TERROR OF XI
23.BC Shakib Mostahid Shakib 75 V/S Sodhiboy youth all star eleven
24.Sagar sagar legends V/S Virat Kohil Roy Rivals
25.Sourav Bachchan PANAGARH KNIGHT RIDERS V/S Lokki Bou Muslim brotherhood 6687
26.Sai Charan cherry warriors V/S Jayanth Reddy Jayanth Jolts
27.Chaudhary Omer Randhawa Warriors V/S Himel Himel Havocs
28.Puneet Rajhariya The Master Batters 2145 V/S Hirshan Rajendran Pheonix XI 2670
29. Waseem Rahman All Stars 8012 V/S Aman Preet Singh preet xi
30.Farrukh Qureshi Team Survivor V/S CA Vinod Maravoina's XI
32.Mohan sai kiran kms xi 26 V/S 

1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S Nishil Strikers 735
2.Criket Australia nepal ko keta V/S Sehaj Faridabad Royal 
3.Dlogesh LD KINGS V/S  dimak lagha pasa kathmandu 11
4.Hari Game Fighter's V/S Shyam Lakshmanan Shyam Super Stars ?
5.kathmandu pokhara nepal 2194 V/S Mithun Mithun Magicians 2537
6.Anuj Chakravarty ASSAM SUPER RHINO V/S sup bro Nepalese Tiger
7.Rajesh RSHA RSHA  V/S SUPREME D The Supreme Debians
8.aussie 21 supsup V/S Hasim Amla COLLEGE SANGHA RACER
9.Udit12933 THE DEATHLY XI V/S Lord_Riddick Ferocious Furyans
10.CAM BOSS BOSS XI 5291 V/S Gurbhagat_Sandhu Blackberry's
11.Prashanth Prashanth risers  V/S  Rajiv Arya Roman Worriers
12.Sodhiboy youth all star eleven V/S Anudeep Paladugu Anudeep Team
13.Sj Alee SJ Sixers   V/S   Sai Charan cherry warriors
14.Harshit Delhi daredevils 5191   V/S   Puneet Rajhariya The Master Batters 2145
15.Waseem Rahman All Stars 8012 V/S Farrukh Qureshi Team Survivor
16.Mr47 Silent Assassins 47  V/S Mohan sai kiran kms xi 26

     Round Three 3th October 2017 Fixture
1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S Criket Australia nepal ko keta
2.dimak lagha pasa kathmandu 11 V/S Hari Game Fighter's
3.kathmandu pokhara nepal 2194 V/S sup bro Nepalese Tiger
4. Vicky Sharma Faridabad ROYALS V/S Hasim Amla COLLEGE SANGHA RACER
5.Lord_Riddick Ferocious Furyans V/S Gurbhagat_Sandhu Blackberry's
6.Harshit Delhi daredevils 5191 V/S Mohan sai kiran kms xi 26
7.SUPREME D The Supreme Debians  V/S  Puneet Rajhariya The Master Batters 2145
8.Mr47 Silent Assassins 47  V/S Partha S Tripathy Rahul Thunderers

      Semi Final 10th October 2017 Fixture
1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S dimak lagha pasa kathmandu 11
2.kathmandu pokhara nepal 2194 V/S Hasim Amla COLLEGE SANGHA RACER
3.Lord_Riddick Ferocious Furyans V/S Mohan sai kiran kms xi 26
4.Criket Australia nepal ko keta V/S sup bro Nepalese Tiger

 Semi final 17th October 2017 Fixture
1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S Hasim Amla COLLEGE SANGHA RACER
2.Lord_Riddick Ferocious Furyans V/S Criket Australia nepal ko keta


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haku kale dai Mohan sai kiran - Match can be accepted till Monday night.. did u ping me about it?

U were just hoping i don't accept it.. and quickly set ur match up.. how do I know for sure u send the challenge and really waited 2 days? Anyway it's upto the organiser..

My Tuesday is still free and I am even to play credit bet match.. 
8 months ago
Div V
haku kale dai (Abiral XI) kathmandu # 305
Hey guys due to mohan is booked for friendly and if you dont play any match then riddick will go to next round
8 months ago
Mohan sai kiran - I get it only takes 2 mins to fix opponent and set friendly.. U could have waited till monday morning at least or ping me...

U don't stand a chance against me anyway :P
8 months ago
Haku Kale Dai (Abiral xi)--------------My opponent (pokhara nepal 2194-khatmandu) not accept Match request........So i am waiting Monday morning....
8 months ago
haku kale dai - Thanks... now I will also set friendly withsomeone else since my opponent has already booked his..
8 months ago
Div IV
Mohan sai kiran (kms xi 29) Vellore # 309
haku kale dai Lord_Riddick - Oh I missed my training in the last season break like this only I can't take a chance again
Coming to pinging when u are out of station,how can you see it when u can't notice challenge request received to you
Saying you can't stand a chance is not a good way,may be I can win who can say, send me non bet match or go check your notification tab until u see it
8 months ago
Div IV
Mohan sai kiran (kms xi 29) Vellore # 310
Hasim Amla - Oh wait wait till Monday then in small span of time u can't find players as many of them are already booked match OK try your luck
8 months ago
Mohan sai kiran - there is nowhere mentioned the challenge has to be accepted by friday.. 

if u pinged me i would have atleast checked it and mayhave replied you...

i am not the one who set up friendly with others.. neither did I reject ur challenge... so u should send non bet match not me...

And, for the u may win.. send me a 2 credit bet if u win i will give u 5 credits if u don't u don't have to give me anything..up for the challenge?
8 months ago
Div V
haku kale dai (Abiral XI) kathmandu # 312

hey guys fixture has been updated start sending match request to your opponent any one can send request if your opponent dont respond then you will get point thanks and dont forget to put you match link.

Semi final 17th October 2017 Fixture
1.haku kale dai Abiral XI V/S Hasim Amla COLLEGE SANGHA RACER
2.Lord_Riddick Ferocious Furyans V/S Criket Australia nepal ko keta

8 months ago
Div V
Rajesh RSHA (RSHA) Trichy # 313
My team level
8 months ago
8 months ago
Won my match
7 months ago
haku kale dai - schedule please
7 months ago
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