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gang cup

by Tony Charlse (Killers Gang 6751) 9 months ago
Hello friends, welcome to the GANG CUP, which is only for Hitwicket LEAGUE 7 and 8 manegers or till Fantastic manegers only and free to join. I sure this is a good experiance for newbies. this tournament is created and organised by : Tony Charlse [Killers Gang 6751]. Regestration closed. Sponsers have also welcome. I. LATEST UPDATES AND FIXTURE; Group matches : 26th September 2017. Super 12 : 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th October 2017 (4). Semi Final : 31st October 2017. Final : 7th November 2017. II. FORMAT OF THE TOURNAMENT; • There will be a total of 20 manegers, which will divided into five groups namely A, B, C ,D and E. Every maneger will play once in all your group manegers, and top 2 for each group will qualify for Super 12. • In Supar 12, The 12 manegers will be divided into two groups namely X and Y. Every manager will play once all your group manegers, and and top for each group qualify for Finals. III. HOW TO WIN MATCHES; • Only match points will decide winner, if a match points is equal then winner is away team. • If a Home maneger can't send a match request for away maneger, then away maneger win the match. • If an away maneger can't accept a home maneger's match request, then home maneger win the match. •Point will be given on players only. IV. PLAYER SELECTION; •In every match you can selected 4 players of your team, that is your playing XI, not the 11 players. Points given these four players only. • Your playing XI have minimum 1 batsman and 1 bowler must, or is possible 1 bowler and 1 alrounder or 2 alrounder . The bowler or alrounder will bowled 4 overs each. • U choose one player in playing XI for your caption and not it must choose a wicket keeper. • U can change your playing XI in every week. • Playing XI submit after the match is fix. V. POINTING SYSTEM; • If a batsman scores 1-10 runs he get 1 point and 11-20 he get 2 points and so on. • If a batsman get a fifty then a bonus point of 2 and if he scores a century then the bonus point of 5 will be given and if he scores 150 then 7 point will be given bonus. • A negative of -3 will be given if a batsman out on duck. • If a bowler take 1 wicket he gets 1 point and on taking 2 wicket he get 2 point and so on. • If a bowler takes 4 wickets then a bonus point of 3 and he takes 5 wickets then a bonus point of 5 and he takes 6 or more then a bonus point of 7 will be given. • If a bowler give more than 10 more than runs per over then a -1 point per over will be given, unfinished over can't be calculated. • If a wicket keeper takes a stumping or a catch then he get 1 point, and he takes more than 3 stumping and catch in total he get a bonus of 3 points. • There will be 2X points for a caption, so think before u choosing your caption. VI. DEDLINES; • Home maneger have to provide 'match ID' till sunday 8pm and Every manegers have to provided 'playing XI' till Sunday 8pm. • For not providing 'playing XI' in time -5 will be add him and opponent get 5 points. • The home manegers not sent the match request, -5 will be given and any away manegers not accepted the request, -5 will be given for him. VII. REWARDS; • Winner maneger get 2 credits • Runners up get 1 credit • Semi finalists have some extra benifit for our next tournament. VIII. RULES; • No loan player allowed • Tuesday friendly matches to be played. • Organisers dection will Final. • If any team is inactive, then that team will removed GOOD LUCK ALL

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Updated at: 21-09-2017

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Div VI
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 261
Tony Charlse - bro I want to change my plaing xi.. 1. Abdur nafees (c) 2. Deepak kumar 3. Matthew Gooch 4. Esmail Gurmani
7 months ago
Div VI
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 262
Tony Charlse - match Id 26820665
7 months ago
Div VI
Jitesh (Jitesh Rocks) New Delhi # 263
same team as per last match
7 months ago
Div VI
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 264
I don't want to change my last match playing xi.. Match id - 26933414
7 months ago
Div VI
Apu Jack (As Stars) Chittagong # 265
pls give us our prize
7 months ago
Hello gang cup
7 months ago
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8 months ago: Tony Charlse (Killers Gang 6751) changed the Title from 'gang cup (free free free)' to 'gang cup (free free)- 1 slot left'.
9 months ago: Tony Charlse (Killers Gang 6751) changed the Title from 'gang cup ' to 'gang cup (free free free)'.
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