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Challenger Cup IV starts 17/9!

by Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) 18 days ago
After the grand success of Challenger Cup Independence Special where we saw Chaudhary Hashmukh lead his team to the title and a the Cash prize, it is now time again for the clash of the Titans! 
 With your feedback, we've made revisions to the format: 
1) The group stage will be played, one match a day over the course of the week to give you time to strategize better. Group Stage (17/9/2017 to 23/9/2017) and Knockouts (24th Sep’17) 
 2) It was getting hard for teams to chase high target during the last CC. The Match Engine has been tweaked to handle such situations better in star equalized tourney like this.

 Good Luck!

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Updated at: 12-09-2017

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First of all, this 1.5*RSP rule (you can say heart of this game)

Guess, one manager made 100 of multi teams and then take bid of 1 billion on 1M player RSP

Should he get 1 billion in this case ??
2 days ago
YUVI_THE_BOSS - what a rule is this? you taking 5% commission for every bid then y u taking extra money? change ur rule...dont cheat us...and dont give us useless reply like rsb blah blah blah....
2 days ago
YUVI_THE_BOSS - I checked in yesterday and no fixture, I woke up this morning and got two messages, the one saying I lost was actually before the one saying my opposition was selected and I had 30 mins to select team
2 days ago
The U21 Manager - No this wasn't case I guess because when you finished your last league game after 5or10 minute generally everyone gets fixture
1 days ago
how can I see all the knock out stage results? I could able to see only the results from quarterfinal stage. Is there any way that I can see the results of the matches between group and quarterfinal stage?
4 hours ago
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