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[Newbie Guide] Road to the Premier

by Sir Srikanth_Chitti (Indian Idols) 26 days ago TipsNewbie

Newbie Guide: Road to the Premier

 As a new user, you should initially care only about two things.

  1.   MRP
  2.   Finance

Why? MRP is required to unlock important features of the game and Finance can be used to improve your team. Now, one has to realize that Finance Management plays a very important role in determining your upward journey to the premier. To the best of my knowledge, every Manager starts at Level 1 and as they progress in MRP levels, new features keep getting unlocked.

  •          Level 2- Auction & Stadium.
  •          Level 3- Achievements.
  •          Level 4- Forum and T20 pool.
  •        Level 5- Youth scout.
  •            Level 6- Alliance, Pitch relay and Elite Academy.

Although, most of the features have been unlocked, always note that, only limited actions can be performed. So, having more MRP is always a positive since you will have more options to juggle with inside each feature. So, now that we agree that these two are the most important aspects in the game to gun for in game, let us now understand which features allow us to boost MRP and Finances.

  •         League Matches
  •         F5 Matches

Matches are the fastest and easiest way to earn Finance and MRP. This is where the tricky part comes, as you keep playing more and more, you will realize how weak your team is compared to some of the other teams in the Hitwicket Universe. 

There are two ways in Hitwicket Universe to improve your team

  •         Training
  •          Auction

Initially every team in Hitwicket starts off with an aging and weak team and your goal is to try and improve your squad. One easy way is auction market where you can buy good skilled players to strengthen your squad in the short term. But it also forces you to incur heavy financial losses and might even endanger your finances to go into negative due to bid wars. So, try to buy players in the auction who are useful for your training program.

Training although being a slow process is definitely the safer and long term process.  The youngest player in Hitwicket universe is no less than 17 years old. As a newbie, never try to buy 17 years 0 days to 17 years 30 days player as they go for a very high price. Rather focus on players after 17 years 40 days and above and start training them after the end of every league match. You can always improve up to 6 players in batting or bowling a week, which leaves 5 players in a squad who cannot be trained. Try to purchase high skilled old aged players are low prices to provide squad strength and to win you matches while your young trainees keep getting stronger daily due to training.


The above recipe will take you up to division 5-6 where you will realize that you cannot reach the premier if you keep continuing the same. At this point, you must sell your trainees as they will fetch a very handsome financial boost to your squad. Now, re iterate the same training procedure mentioned above but now, try to buy a much younger set of trainees whose age lies between 17 years 00 days to 17 years 30 days. Keep forging ahead by having 5 strong highly skilled older players who can carry your younger crop into higher divisions.

By now you would have realized that Finances are very crucial as they become the focal point in strengthen your squad. So, the different ways to improve your finances are

  •          Stadium revenue
  •          Alliance
  •          Achievements
  •         Auction Trading

Stadium revenue is a standard source of income as long as you keep upgrading the no. of seats in your stadium along with winning league matches on a regular basis. This is your standard source of fixed income in Hitwicket.

Alliance has various income benefits like Cash reward for winning matches along with Salary Rebate, Income boost etc. which can play a crucial role in keeping your finance afloat during difficult times.

Achievements and Auction are also very good sources of income but requires a lot of time spent in those features to realize the monetary value.

By now, your trainees would have reached the age of 24, stop training them as you will realize the monsters that you have grown during this period. Now sell the 5 players who were old and never trained and buy 5 more 17 year olds from the auction market and train them the same way.

Now start sending your highly trained and skilled players to elite academy to gain specialized skills and also improve your chances to win in higher leagues against tougher opponent. You will now realize that, experience plays an important role as you cannot send your player to elite academy without having enough experience points.

Keep on playing more matches to not only win finance but also gain achievement progress, player experience gain while honing your match tactics along the way. Keeping on forging ahead, till you reach the top slot of “THE PREMIER”.

Victory or defeat is not determined at the moment of crisis, but rather in the long and unspectacular period of preparation



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Updated at: 25-09-2017

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Im new to hitwicket, Today after the daily league match, i found only one of my spinner in the training spin category. I selected him and gave the training and lost a chance to train 2 players and ended up training only one. If i am not wrong it is not mentioned anywhere in the hitwicket rulebook. People needs to be educated on this. Tia..
16 days ago
one of my player sold at the price of 4.9 m and I got only 2.7 m in another case my Player is having bid of 5 M but nothing is credit into my account as well as there was a option if we can finish the preparation bar then we will get 1 credit but I did not get yet even the auction list is not open for me can you tell me the reason behind this and how can I get my auction amount thanking you
14 days ago
Vineet - you will get fitness 
13 days ago
is there any reward for finishing at the top of the league table?
13 days ago
Same q
13 days ago
Dr Mohit - some amount is taken by the agent when our player is sold
12 days ago
Night King - We can only train our players max untill 8 star in Div8. if you are in div 8 and ur players are now 8 star rated player u cannot train them untill u reach next level that is div 7.
12 days ago
till how many stars can our players be trained in division 7 ?
12 days ago
Div VI
KeerthiV (KINGS XI BHARAT) Chennai # 69
what does the bowling variation actually is... I can't understand what is dat
11 days ago
Krushers (Krushers Knights) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh # 70
with the new early transfer fee...and den market price rule of selling players...the game has become idiotic
10 days ago
Harryreddy - No limit for div 7 teams . That rule applicable for only div 8 teams
10 days ago
Ankit (Ankit Chhattisgarh Blasters) Chhattisgarh # 72
plzzz put some prize fir the complition of 1st in league match
9 days ago
what is TSI. does it have value on player development over time ?
9 days ago
kohli boys match
9 days ago
2 player sold but I have received very less amount:- 1st player sold for 1,323,100 but money received only 342,000 2nd player 2,547,000 but money received only 470,250 why hitwicket is not giving my money ..that's unfair ..worse game
4 days ago
Div V
Sir Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne) Hyderabad # 76
Harryreddy - TSI represents the total skill index value of a player, it is the summation of all skills in the value format .. if you train your player, you TSI improves, it can be used a decent representation of a player 's skill value


Go through the auction TRC rules
4 days ago
Help please, while setting up the lineup for alliance series, i cannot find the player received in donation.. What to do?
3 days ago
3 days ago
when I will get a trail musketeer pack plz tell
3 days ago
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